Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mar. 4, 2022

After several days with these guys, they finally have gained trust in us. More like we told them everything we knew, they slept on it, and then they decided to share some stuff with us. It was more of what Cheryl could tell them since she has lived her through this mess. What they told us was that they were a select group of soldiers/scientists that were picked to stay behind in case an emergency situation occurred. When the zombies broke out, they went into a specially made hiding place which we are currently in. After some time passed, they were to carefully exit, and observe the aftermath. I have been thinking about what they said for hours now, and it is one crazy plan. Was it that they weren’t confident they could hold all those zombies here, or in what they were doing? Or did they sacrifice their own soldiers, and citizens to see what the zombies could do to a town? I wouldn’t put it past them. Apparently they lost contact with their superiors, and have decided to stay put. They have had enough supplies left from what they had stored for this mission, and what was left behind in the quick exit. Not sure on how long they have been here, or how long it has been since they lost contact. They said they were out observing again when they came across us, which makes me think they might be lying and still have contact with someone. Or they could be loyal soldiers continuing their mission until told otherwise? I don’t know. I never trusted the government. The government is their boss. So I don’t think I trust them. 

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