Saturday, August 27, 2011


I’m hurt my friend My leg is killing me Scratched myself up good
Car stopped to charge again Went into woods
Heard gun shot

Was going to head back but stopped
Was it zombs or soldiers
They saved me so I should have gone back

Heard voices Voice of guy that shoved me against wall
No way I was going back I had no gun Jason said no

So I went the other direction
I wasn’t paying attention and took a fall off a hill
Crawled over behind some rocks

Sitting duck for zombs or soldiers
Think soldiers are gone

Don’t know what to do now
Leg is bad Sore all over No food Little wat
No gun
We are in trouble journ

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mar. 24, 2022

Being in this truck provides some safety from the zombies. They aren’t going to get in it. No way. Unless we basically invite them in. But we have to stick to the roads and be out in the open. If Jason is worried his buddies are following, then we can’t be that hard to find. I’m not liking this. I told Cheryl, but she says Jason has it under control. Those two have survived this long together. I have survived alone. I just get these feelings when my time is up with people. Or I just sense the trouble coming. This hunk of junk better start moving. This waiting is driving me crazy. They also forgot to get food to take on this escape. Water might not be a problem cause it looks like rain is coming. But that means no sun. Great! Time to go take a bath, and drink up.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mar. 23, 2022

This piece of government technology obviously needed some work. It will only last so long. We travel, and then it shuts down to recharge. If it doesn’t get direct sunlight, it takes forever to charge. It is like running out of gas ever once in a while. Making Jason nervous every time it stops. I believe he thinks his friends, or ex friends will come after us. Maybe he pissed them off. I really don’t want to stick around for another reunion. Nor am I going back to be with those assholes. If I can get a clue where in the hell we are, it might be time to thank them and move on. 

Mar. 21, 2022

It all happened so quick. Unexpectedly. I can’t get into the specifics it was so crazy. I had no plan so it is a good thing someone did. It was the middle of the night. Cheryl woke me. Pulled me right off the floor. Like a fire drill. Made sure I didn’t say anything, and off we went. The soldiers were gone. Still don’t know where. We ended up outside and there was this guy. I now know him as Jason. We followed him around the building, and into this truck. Not as big as the one they saved us in. It didn’t take long after he turned it on for the soldiers to open fire. I was in the back. I just know we got away. It was a rough ride. We are now out on some roads leading away from the city. Still looks like a war zone. Apparently these trucks that they have been using are solar powered. No gas. No electricity. I checked it out. It has some weird panels on the top. Jason said they were specially made vehicles for the military. That was great to find out. They never made a honest effort to get people to switch to more efficient cars, but all along the government had there own. Damn gas companies. Robbing us. Always talk about oil running out, but it never seemed to happen. At least the zombies put them out of business. So Cheryl really did see someone the day she took off running. It was Jason. They have a history from what I can tell. She has no problem talking to him. Now she won’t shut up. He is military, but also a local. That is why he never left, and was with Cheryl’s group in the tunnels. That is who she was looking for. He got us out of there. Now Cheryl has saved me twice, and Jason once. Not sure what the next move is, but Jason says we have to keep moving as much as possible. He knows something. Cheryl might know it too. I just have to follow along for now.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mar. 11, 2022

Nightmares. This time I think I traveled through history. Roman soldiers fighting off zombies. Zombies making a zombie statue out in the desert. After that, maybe some knights at one of those tournaments. One knight knocked over another. He thought he won, but then the other one got up, took off his helmet, and revealed he was a zombie. People ran for it. Then I think I fast forward to the civil war. Zombie soldiers everywhere. Then one of the World Wars. At a burial, they were burying a soldier in a mass graveyard of soldiers when hands, and heads started popping out of the ground. People took off. My mind is crazy. Like I just read a history book. I hate history but there is always a lesson to learn. A shame that our history now includes zombies, and our history might be over. I need to get soldiers off my mind. Zombies too

Mar. 10, 2022

Asshole soldiers. All I wanted to do is take another shower. I’m so bored out of my mind I just wanted to be refreshed. They said no and maybe I mouthed off at them. No reason they had to get physical. I was surprised to see Cheryl actually say something. In my defense too! Prisoners I tell you. I wish they would let us out of this area so that I could find a way out. We are really accomplishing little, and I can’t imagine they are accomplishing much either. Bastards!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mar. 9, 2022

Soldiers don’t talk. Cheryl don’t talk. Everyone is on their own. This is ridiculous. I demanded to know something. For them to let us know what they are going go to do. Let us go or what. Nothing. Just told to shut up and sit down. I have been sitting for days. My ass hurts. There is just no winning in this world. People have gone nuts. I don’t think anyone knows what to do. Whatever these soldiers are doing, planning is probably something crazy. Stupid. Useless. Not going to change anything. The only plan that is working is the zombie plan. Eat and kill anyone not a zombie. Maybe their plan works because nothing divides them. They just all get together and attack. Just attack. There is Cheryl, the soldiers, and me. All wanting to survive, and instead of working together, we are all in our separate corners. Each with our own plan. This is stupid. It is just going to get someone killed. I keep saying it, but never stick to it. I’m better off alone. Make my own decision. And if I die, then I die because of my choices. Not because of soldiers with some fantasy plan. Not because Cheryl is too mad to care. Me.

What ever happened to freedom? That is what this country was built on. Then zombies take over, and everyone wants to be in charge. Take away your freedom, and tell you what to do. Just because they have a gun, and a fantasy of how they are going to save the world. Its not happening. One person is not going to make this all go away. The only way to win is to work together, and that never happens. All of us with the same goal but different way of getting there. This isn’t politics, this is life. Survival. Survival of each individual. Survival of the human race. You are not going to be President if you defeat the zombies. Nor King. And who would be stupid enough to want the job of cleaning up this mess? Or maybe they are that stupid.

Mar. 8, 2022

I wonder what kind of host Cheryl was before. If she was the same person she is now. She’s rough. Doesn’t open up. Hates questions. I can’t imagine people coming over her house for a party. We have been in this room together most of the time since we got here and nothing. She won’t even talk about other random stuff. Just has a mean look on her face. At least in the tunnel I could barely see her most of the time, so I would just pretend she wasn’t there. Not like she was. Always off looking for whatever. You would think we were married and got divorced because I cheated on her. Or killed someone in her family. Is this what it is like in prison? Sharing a cell with someone who doesn’t like you. Doesn’t want to talk to you. Can’t wait to get out. I give up. I still have you journal. You are the best company I have had in a while. I can always count on you.