Saturday, August 28, 2010

April 25, 2020

On the road to Oklahoma. What a struggle. Zombies didn’t make it easy. They were all over the place. It was a game of hide and seek. A few got too close for comfort, but I was able to get away. One of them must have been a football player because it surprised the shit out of me, and tackled me. Usually I have some type of weapon with me, but not this time. It was just one on one. Until I pulled out one of my pens that was in my pocket instead of inside my bag. I was able to get it out, and stab that creature. The only place I could hit it was in the side of the head. Ended up barely pinning his earlobe to his head. Note- lucky to have the pen, but doesn’t make the best weapon. It did faze him enough to knock him off of me. Their skin is nasty. It almost melts off of them and onto you when you hit them. It was really hard struggling with it, and not swallowing any of the nastiness that was dripping off of it. Anyway I got to my feet, and then picked up a chair. I whacked him in the head, and then kicked him through the sliding glass door. Then I decided what a better time then now to run a little experiment. I hit him again with the chair, and used it to shove him into the dark pool. Sink or drown? It actually was doing a good doggy paddle like Jack used to do, but it never made it to the shallow end. And I thought the pool was nasty before the zombie fell in it. I usually stand by the theory that it is better to run away when I get the chance, but I thought it might come in handy to know if they can swim. So if I die, and you are reading this right now, try pushing them into water. I know it was just one of them, but maybe it will work on others. So back to the point. After that encounter, I moved down a few houses, and found this really old Expedition. Most people stopped using anything that wasn’t a hybrid after gas got too expensive. These owners stopped using it because they were dead. Apparently they were about to leave, but the zombies got to them first. A guy, or the left overs of a guy, was all around the door to the garage. A woman’s arm was hanging from the car’s door handle. That was the only thing of her remaining except for a trail of blood leading out a side door to the garage. They had bags in the back, which I just went through the other day. The bags were just a bonus. I wanted the car, and took it before another zombie surprised me. With the keys still in it, I took the Expedition, and I used my new map to find my way out of Texas. I should have enough gas to get me to Oklahoma, which is now only a few miles away. I really just wanted to write down where I’m going and look at everything I just wrote. It’s hard when there is no one to talk to but yourself. I always feel like I have heard that story before though. 

April 10, 2020

Got a map, but it would be more helpful if I knew where the hell I was. I think I found the general area. Never had a sense of direction. Now I can figure out where I’m going to go. Hopefully to a zombie free zone. I wrote Zombieville at the top of the map so that way I won’t forget where I’m really at. Grabbed more pens, and an extra map or 2, and I’m ready to move again. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

April 9, 2020

Nothing complicated about this plan. Get the hell out of dodge. I am still not feeling that great, but I am not staying here. Too many weird things going on. I am making progress. In another store, but closer to getting out of this business district, and into a residential area. I can’t find a car anywhere. Looks like a lot of people already got out of dodge. Sitting here, I’m looking around. I wonder how long this store was open?  They couldn’t have sold that much. Who the hell buys all these souvenirs? All this stuff with visit this state, visit that state. Go USA! There is no more USA. They would have been better off selling stuff with the United States of Zombies. Or United Zombie Nation. Even better Welcome to Zombieville! This may be the last thing you ever read! Too bad the zombies can’t buy anything. Maybe  Finally found a dam map. This place wasn’t as useless as I thought. 

April 6, 2020

Fucking zombies. Scared the shit out of me. Minding my own business looking for some birdseed to eat when they came running by. Probably chasing someone. I froze in that spot for probably an hour staring at the windows. I have the door secured, but they could come through the windows at anytime. Finally got the courage up to look outside. Thankfully no sign of them. This city obviously has too many zombies around. I need to get out of here. Time for a plan.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

April 3, 2020

Rain! Oh how nice it is to see some rain. It has been a while since I have seen any rain. What good timing. This dog food is so dry, and there isn’t much to drink in here. I didn’t want to open the door, but I couldn’t resist. I put some of the dog bowls outside to collect water. I really wanted to go run in the rain and wash off, but I couldn’t risk it. It is hard to see, and hear them coming. Frank made that mistake. We were held up in this house when it started raining. Frank couldn’t help himself. He ran right out into the rain. It was all good for a while. So good that others were about to join him when all of the sudden he was gone. He never saw them coming. I don’t think anyone even heard a scream. That started a zombie frenzy. I guess they knew we were around there somewhere, but the rain was making it hard for them to find us. I don’t remember how we got out of there. I know it wasn’t until it stopped raining because I don’t remember running through the rain. Better off that I don’t remember. Too many bad memories already. This pet shop will be a bad memory for sure. 

April 2, 2020

God I miss Jack. I got him when I was about 8, 9, maybe 10. Somewhere around there. Whether it was for my birthday, or Christmas, I always asked for a dog. Mom seemed cool with it. She had several of them when she was growing up. Dad was more hesitate. He wanted to wait until he thought I would be responsible for it. I guess he knew he would end up taking the dog for walks all the time. He was right, but he eventually loved it. He went running with Jack on weekends all the time. I was the happiest kid on the planet when my mom opened the box, and this little black creature started barking. I wanted to name him Pirate, but my mom said I was pushing my luck with that name. So instead I named him Jack after my favorite pirate. I loved kicking the ball around in the backyard, and watching Jack run after it trying to bite it. Then there was tug-of-war with the dog bones. Amazing how aggressive he could be with the bone, but no matter how close I put my hand to his mouth, he never bit me. He wouldn’t harm any of us, but he would fight to the death for us. That is why we couldn’t let him go. My parents knew it would kill me if they put Jack asleep. I know it was a tough decision for many families. I don’t know how they lived with getting rid of their dogs. It is like getting rid of a family member. A lot of people were getting sick, so I guess they did what they had to do. My dad said as long as none of us showed signs of getting sick, we would stick it out. Really sucks for the people that put their dogs to sleep, and then saw that a vaccine came out in only about a year’s time. I am sure those people were pissed. Once the vaccine came out, mom made sure that the entire family got it. Unfortunately, maybe fortunately, I could not get it. Apparently there was something in it that the doctor said I couldn’t have. I think dad still wanted me to get it, but mom said, “If the doc says no, then no.” Too bad the doc didn’t say no for all the vaccines. Mom, dad, and Violet all got the vaccine. I heard that there was something wrong with vaccines. At least that is how I understand it to have happened. I never really understood any of that science stuff. Oh man, my stomach hurts again. Damn dog food. I think it is time for someone to take me for a walk. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

April 1, 2020

Isn’t April 1st April Fools Day? I wish someone was fooling me right now, and all of this would end. I didn’t get too far. Only a couple of blocks down. I started feeling sick again. The headaches have restarted. Damn do they hurt. It is always from the lack of sleep, and food. I am now in a pet shop, and it smells like shit. It has been a long time since I have seen any animals, but this definitely is not the way you want to see them. There are dead dogs and cats in some of the cages. Unfiltered fish tanks. A dead body decaying in the storage room. To top it off, I forced myself to eat some of the dog food. I had to eat something before my head exploded. I don’t know if it tastes that horrible because it is that bad, or because it is old and stale. No wonder why Jack never wanted to eat. This is no joke, this is a nightmare!

Mar. 26, 2020

I am writing to note that I am moving on. There is nothing else for me in this store, and I need to go look for more food. I am very concerned about those zombies. I have no clue what is going on out there. There have been many times that I thought the zombies didn’t know I was there only to find out that they were actually following me. I need to move as quickly as possible. Here I go again.