Journal: Jan 1, 2022-Dec 30, 2022

For easier reading, here are all the days in the journal from Jan 1, 2022-Dec 30, 2022

Jan. 1, 2022

Wow I just wrote 2022. Is it really 2022? Is there anyone still counting the days? Does anyone really know what day it is? When this is all over, who will decide what day, and year it is? Maybe there is a safe place out there somewhere keeping track of this kind of thing. Did it take  no I guess it didn’t. I was checking to see when I got to Arkansas. It felt like it took a year to get through it, but it didn’t. Maybe. Wish I hadn’t done that. I just saw the names of my fallen friends. God, I miss those kids. Such a sign of hope that was just ripped away. I hope their fortunes changed, and made it wherever they decided to go. They didn’t

Jan. 4, 2022

So it looks like that sign was right. The closer I get, the more signs of a battle with zombies took place. Dried up blood everywhere. Better than fresh blood. Bodies. Parts of them. Bullet shells. Finally found some cars. Too bad they are useless. Nasty crashes into trees. Into each other. People died in them. One looked like it was used as a battering ram. Blood all over the front. Skin. Pieces of bone. All stuck in the front grill. In the rims. Tires flat. Part of a body under one of the tires. Pinned down for who knows how long. Whatever battle took place happened a while ago. It is clear people were running from them, and the zombies were giving chase. Maybe this means I will walk into an empty town. That would be ideal.

Jan. 5, 2022

All this mess reminds me of the chaos when Ethan and I left the Bradley house. After the car crash, we bounced around the streets looking for safety. Every time we thought we found a place to rest and hide, crazy shit started happening. It was so confusing. Not knowing what was happening. How people were changing. It seemed like it started so fast. All of the sudden. I thought people were going nuts, but Ethan was sure it was zombies. He liked horror movies more than I did. He kept saying this was the zombie  zombie apocalypse. I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. This wasn’t a movie. There were times I thought he was going nuts too. But there was little time for debate. People would gather. Wait. Then someone would turn. Then it was like a gun went off to start a marathon. People would scatter. Both of us took turns almost getting hit by cars. Shot by gunfire. Trampled by the crowds. I remember coming up on a police station. About 2 dozen policemen were out front ushering people inside. It was too many people rushing into a tight spot so Ethan and I figured it was better not to follow. While they ran to the police station, we found another place to hide. We went into a nearby building and waited to see what was going to happen. Ethan rested, but I had to see what was happening. The police were trying to do the right thing. They didn’t know any better. At that time, not many people knew any better. People ran inside. The police protected the streets. Then they needed protection when the people came flying out of there. Policemen got run over. I could swear one or two of them actually started shooting innocent people. Innocent from what I could tell. Their plan failed and the cops were now on their own. Once the people escaped, Ethan and I knew it was time to move on because they would soon be coming into the surrounding buildings. Into the streets. Fighting through people. It was hard to stop anywhere for long. Soon cars couldn’t get through the mess, and everyone was on foot. Forget bicycles. People would just knock you down, take it, and then get knocked down only to have someone else take it. Motorcycles weren’t a bad idea, but you couldn’t stop. People got desperate real fast, and most didn’t know what was going on. So much for staying in your homes. Ethan and I made it out of the city and more into the surrounding neighborhoods. How we did it, I don’t know! It was a little calmer there because these people actually stayed in their homes. Most people wouldn’t even think about opening their door. We walked down the streets along with others that had nowhere to go. More close calls. While we stayed in the middle of the street, some got too close to the wrong homes. Step into the wrong yard, and get your head blown off. Would always scare me to death when that gunfire would go off all the sudden. People just wanted help, but others wanted no part of what was going on. Then there were the few that wanted to help. Invite you right into their home. That was one thing we disagreed on. I wasn’t to keen on going into these homes, but Ethan always wanted to stop and rest. Lazy I tell you. Again, I don’t know how we made it that far. Ethan took advantage of the homes, and rested. He was good at talking the people into giving us food, and drinks, even if they barely had any. Convinced them this was temporary, and the government would restore order soon enough. When he was done resting, we thanked them, and moved on. Mostly to make me happy. Every home we stopped in, I just had flashbacks of the Bradley house. I told Ethan that would happen again, and I was right. I think it was the third house we stopped at. Everyone was ready for bed when there was a bang in the backyard. We were laying down in the living room. Ethan, and I sat up, and I still remember giving him that look. I knew it. The lady of the house turned on the light and there was someone standing by the fence. The woman almost had a heart attack. Her husband looked closer, and said it was the neighbor’s son. He opened the door and called for him. Nothing happened. Ethan, and I already were up, and making sure we had a clear path to the door. I yelled for him to close the door. Opps, that boy spun around, and made a dash for the door. The husband froze, but at the last second closed the sliding glass door. Yea, that didn’t matter. He went right through it, and we were gone. I could here the woman calling for help, but that wasn’t us. We wasted no time in running away. Far away. I told Ethan, no more homes. We would have to come up with a better plan than that.

Jan. 7, 2022

Learning from experiences like the ones Ethan and I went through have helped get me get this far. I just might need more than those experiences now. The further I travel the worse this area looks. There might be nothing much left. Looks like a bomb went off. These people definitely fought. I wonder why there were so many zombies. Sometimes some areas just seemed to have a lot of them, and others didn’t seem to have too many. I have started to see military vehicles. Maybe that has something to do with it. Still can’t believe the military couldn’t stop some stupid zombies. I mean, it’s not like the zombies worked together. Had an attack strategy. No weapons. We won several wars. Defeated enemies all over the world. Then we were defeated by zombs. I guess that doesn’t say much for the enemies we beat. And we spent so much money on the military and we couldn’t stop zombies. What a waste! 

Jan. 9, 2022

Good news bad news day. Good news found myself some weapons. Bad news I’m going to need them. There are zombies. Saw them from the tree I am currently hiding in. Not sure what they are doing. Just roaming around. Not sure if they are looking for me, maybe something else. Nothing else better to do. What a boring life the zombie has. When not chasing food, they just stand around. I guess that keeps their stress down unless they are hungry. Oh well, I am going to watch them for a while before deciding what to do.

Jan. 12, 2022

Carefully moving closer to the city. Stopped at a gas station. Nothing much left here. Safe place to hide for now. Keeping my guard up knowing that zombies are around.

Jan. 13, 2022

Damn! Woke up, looked outside, and zombies are circling the building. Maybe they picked up my scent. They haven’t attacked yet so I’m trying just to hold out hope they go away again. If not, it looks like I am going to put these weapons to use. Going to look 

Jan. 20, 2022

Been on the run for days. Zombies wasted little time trying to get me. They were hungry. Killed them, and more picked up the trail. That sign was for real. The closer I get the more zombies there are. I can see buildings, and a big problem, more zombs in between me and the buildings. Can’t turn back now. I just have to find a good time to make my move. There has to be somewhere safe to hide over there. A car that works. Something. Mississippi might turn out to be as much fun as Arkansas.

Jan. 25, 2022

So far many zombs killed. Me… still alive. Not easy. Not easy at all.

Jan. 27, 2022

Feels like all the zombies know I’m here. Like some announcement was made. “Attention all zombies, Max has entered the city. It’s feeding time!” Ridiculous. There has to be a good to place to hide around here. If it weren’t for those weapons I found, I don’t think I would have made it this far. Almost used up everything. I really was hoping to enjoy being back in a city, but the woods aren’t looking so bad right about now. 

Feb. 2, 2022

Yesterday was almost the end of me. Got stuck in a drugstore. I was looking for stuff when in came several zombies, who were apparently also shopping, but for me. While my attention was on them, I didn’t notice the ones that were already in the store. I think I let them out without noticing. I keep thinking about it, and I am just not sure where they came from. If it wasn’t for them knocking into shit coming at me, I probably wouldn’t have known they were there. It was crazy running from aisle to aisle trying to lose them. At one point they finally trapped me in an aisle, and I had to climb the shelves to escape. It turned out helping me escape because it gave me a chance to see just how many of them there were, and the best way to make it to the exit. I really didn’t want to use the rest of my bullets unless it was necessary. I had to shoot the first couple that took me by surprise, but that was all I could afford to use. I had just enough in me to make the jump to another aisle, and then make the dash to the exit. I turned my ankle when I jumped down, but there was no time for pain. I got out just in time because more zombies were coming in the direction of the store. That would have made it too many of them in to handle in one store. But it also meant the chase had just begun. Run, run, run. That was when I was saved. I came around a corner, and there was a woman standing right there. She told me to go into this door, and I didn’t even think twice. As I entered it, I heard the gunfire she unleashed on them. Before I could catch my breath, she came inside, and led me into this basement. Well secured place. Didn’t hear anything from another zombie at that point. Of course I thanked her. I am not sure if she is happy to see me, but for now I am happy she was there. She told me to relax, which I am gladly doing. She has been busy doing stuff all morning. I look forward to finding out what her story is.

Feb. 3, 2022

Cheryl. That’s her name. Feisty Cheryl. Asking what I’m doing writing in this stupid book. I told her it is not like I have anything better to do. She was like “how about surviving.” Also mentioned maybe she wouldn’t have had to save my ass. Lesson 1, don’t talk back to Cheryl. Lesson 2, don’t ask her questions. Of course I wanted to know more about her. How she got here, how she has survived, and stuff like that. I’ll just say her overall answer was “no comment” and that’s putting it nicely. Maybe I 

Feb. 4, 2022

I can’t write when she is around. Too much complaining. I guess she wants my help, but when I try to help, she says she doesn’t need it. Not sure what to do. Like now, she said she was going to go get some food. I asked to come along, but she said no. To stay put. Ok. But if she were to walk in right now, she would yell at me for writing. Oh well. Wonder where she keeps going. She leaves, and comes back with weapons. Leaves and comes back with food. She probably doesn’t trust me yet. I can understand that. Maybe if she would just give me some clue to what is going on. I am really interested in knowing how she has survived to this point. Obviously she has some kind of routine. I am just a spectator at this point.

Feb. 6, 2022

So we moved to another location. Apparently there are a bunch of underground tunnels. Safer travels. Still won’t tell me much. Just orders me to follow her, or sit down and shut up. I guess I am taking all the shit cause I don’t know my way out of here. No clue where I am. Last time I was outside the zombies were too many to handle. Hopefully she is leading me to a good place to get out of here. 

Feb. 7, 2022

I dreamt of the family last night. Everything was fine. We all sat down for a normal dinner. Talked about our day. Mom served dinner as usual. About half way through dad passed out. Then Violet’s head hit the table as well. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I asked mom, but she had a blank look on her face. That was until a large smile took over as she went from mom to zombie mom. I don’t understand why time after time my dreams of mom always turn into her being a zombie. I don’t think I have had one normal dream of her in who knows how long. After she turned, she stood up and began to laugh. I tried to get up, but for some reason couldn’t. Then Violet and dad raised their heads and they were now zombies. They went and stood next to mom, and they were all laughing at me. Mom then said I would soon join them. I think I passed out and that was when I woke up. Weird feeling. I didn’t know whether I was still dreaming or not. I actually dared to write this as Cheryl looks on. She is giving me the look of death, but hasn’t said anything which is surprising. I am going to stop now just to avoid any more problems. Let’s see what she says.

Feb. 8, 2022

After going ahead and sharing some of my stories with her, even though I’m not sure she cared, she finally told me the story of what is going on. It was obvious the military was involved and she confirmed it. Apparently the military had this area under control for a while. The military told people in the area that if they weren’t going leave, they had to stay in their homes. Lock down. She said that was fine with her because she wasn’t going to leave her home for nothing. She toughed out hurricanes, tornados, and floods, and she wasn’t going to let zombies run her out of town. The military was doing a good job controlling the zombies. She said she would see them out of her windows patrolling the streets. All the zombies were gone. Then she realized they were doing something she couldn’t believe. Instead of killing them, they were holding some of them. She saw them actually busing in zombs in trucks. Not surprising to me. As she said that, I was hoping they found a cure, but quickly realized that didn’t happen cause I’m sitting in an underground tunnel listening to a stranger. Her family knew that was a bad idea, and they strongly considered leaving at that point. She doesn’t know what happened, but someone screwed up and the zombies took over. She has no idea what specifically happened, and really didn’t say except that she heard several theories from people since. A battle ensued, and the military soon enough bailed. People were left to fend for themselves. She seemed proud of the way the people fought, but it was too much and people weren’t ready for that. Then she kind of fast forwarded the story and said she ended up with some people, one of which was familiar with the underground tunnels. That is where they have been hiding ever since. She went out of her way not to mention what happened to her family, but you know, she doesn’t have to. I get it. I know. It happened to us all. When I noticed that, I didn’t want to push it. She finished up, and I just kind of went onto what do we do now. She seemed to have a plan, but wasn’t sharing. That was enough sharing for the day I guess. 

Feb. 10, 2022

Being in the woods alone- scary
Being in a building alone-scary
Being chased by zombies- scary
Being under a zombie trying to bite into me- scary
Being in a dark mostly silent tunnel- definitely scary
Especially with Cheryl. Bad joke. But seriously this is freaky. It is so dark in here and I have no idea where we are going. Sometimes I am not even sure I am still here. I have to touch my face to make sure. When I talk to Cheryl in the dark, sometimes I feel like it is the voice inside my head that is talking to her and I’m not really here. Always happy when we come up on these openings where light comes in. Always hurts my eyes at first. I am sitting under one now. Cheryl went ahead like she usually does. As long as she leaves me under a light I’m ok. I do have to say it is a good place to sleep. Although there are strange noises sometimes. Pipes making sounds. I guess some things are still working. Oh and it does smell really bad in some places. But I think I’m use to bad smells already. Not much smells worse than death.

Feb 12, 2022

I can’t believe it. She just informed me that zombies could be in these tunnels. Not only that, but we are coming up to an area that she is not as familiar with. After she said that I demanded to know what the hell is going on. Yes, I finally stood up to her. Thought she was going to shoot me for a second, but then she told me. Apparently she was looking for the only other survivor of the group of people that went underground. She heard my gunshots in the store and thought I was him, and that is why she came to the surface. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to survive that whole incident. Or maybe not if I die in these tunnels. She said he was heading back through tunnels that led to the military base. When she said that, I couldn’t understand why he would want to go back there. Well he was going back for food. They ran out, and had already cleaned out most of the stores they could safely get to. He was a military guy, and knew there was still some food left on the base. Cheryl has been doing her best to find the way he went, but she is actually getting lost now. She said she found a few doors to the surface open, and isn’t sure why they would be open. There was one in particular that had some dead bodies, and lots of blood. She thinks zombies might have come through there. She closed off the area we are in now, but can’t guarantee that we are safe. I think she is more worried about finding him, but she is trying to make me think it is the food. We ran out of food not long after she found me. That is nothing. I have gotten use to going longer so I’m ok for now. I think she is ok too. Just worried. And now I am too. Probably not going to sleep much. She said there is a tunnel that I am free to go through. She is not sure how safe it is, but she doesn’t want me to hold me against my will. Her battle, her search, her problem. She saved me, so I feel I owe her something. Plus after what happened before, I am not going up there alone. 

Feb. 14, 2022

She was right. Zombies are down here. Hopefully make that were down here. She killed some yesterday. It is so quiet down here that we easily heard them coming. They probably picked up our smell. Maybe followed her smell from the other day. It was scary knowing they were coming, and it was so dark in here. Cheryl knew what to do though. Probably did this before. She took care of them. That is why I chose to stay with her. After that, we moved as quickly as we could through the tunnel. I can see she is very frustrated now. And worried. No matter how hard she tries to remain tough. If we run into any more, I think it might be time to return to the land of the dead.

Feb. 22, 2022

I don’t know how, but we found a way out!!!

Of course it couldn’t be that easy. Zombs. Lots of them. Just hanging around. Lost all this time, and finally ready to get out but can’t. Not sure what the plan is now. 

Mar. 1, 2022

Cheryl just ran for it. We were waiting, waiting, waiting, and then she took off. She said that she saw someone, and is why she ran. Even after hearing her reasoning, I am still confused. How did she make a normal person among all those zombies I will never know? Still don’t think she even knows. After she ran, the zombies ran right after her before I could move. I don’t remember thinking about it at the time, but now that I am, if I wanted to leave her that was the moment. I probably could have gone the other way and neither the zombs or her would have known. But that isn’t what happened. I got out and chased her. No, actually I was chasing the zombies that were chasing her. I’m not sure, but that might be the first time I ever chased zombies. While not in a car. Funny. Me chasing zombies. And they didn’t even know it. Then some started chasing me from out of nowhere. So it was Cheryl running after who knows what. Zombies chasing her. Me chasing her but in the process really chasing zombies. And then zombs chasing me. I didn’t know Cheryl could run so fast. I lost site of her. I guess I was really chasing the zombs then. Anyway, eventually the zombs stopped and realized I was behind them. I stopped and saw the ones behind me coming up quick. I thought that was the end once again. I didn’t notice how many of them there were. I had a few bullets but it wasn’t going to be enough. Just as I was looking for a direction to run, this big truck I was standing by turned on. It was so big that I can’t believe I missed it, but my focus was on the zombs. It pulled forward, a door opened, and an arm pulled me up and inside. Amazing really. I should be dead. Definitely would be dead if that truck doesn’t turn on. It took off. Think it hit some of the zombs too. When I got seated, there was Cheryl. I suppose it was one of these guys she saw, but I am still not sure. She didn’t describe them as any of these guys. Apparently not all the military left. In typical military style, they haven’t told us much. Been locked up. Not in a jail though. Just in a room. From the dark tunnels to this room, Cheryl and I have gotten to spend more time together. The guys have learned what a pleasure she is to talk to. As long as they don’t make me a slave, I will deal with it. This room is better than the tunnel, or on those streets.

Mar. 4, 2022

After several days with these guys, they finally have gained trust in us. More like we told them everything we knew, they slept on it, and then they decided to share some stuff with us. It was more of what Cheryl could tell them since she has lived her through this mess. What they told us was that they were a select group of soldiers/scientists that were picked to stay behind in case an emergency situation occurred. When the zombies broke out, they went into a specially made hiding place which we are currently in. After some time passed, they were to carefully exit, and observe the aftermath. I have been thinking about what they said for hours now, and it is one crazy plan. Was it that they weren’t confident they could hold all those zombies here, or in what they were doing? Or did they sacrifice their own soldiers, and citizens to see what the zombies could do to a town? I wouldn’t put it past them. Apparently they lost contact with their superiors, and have decided to stay put. They have had enough supplies left from what they had stored for this mission, and what was left behind in the quick exit. Not sure on how long they have been here, or how long it has been since they lost contact. They said they were out observing again when they came across us, which makes me think they might be lying and still have contact with someone. Or they could be loyal soldiers continuing their mission until told otherwise? I don’t know. I never trusted the government. The government is their boss. So I don’t think I trust them. 

Mar. 5, 2022


Nice to have some running water. Took a nice shower. No it wasn’t hot. Maybe not totally clean. And the pressure was lacking. But at this point, I can’t complain. Better than the river. Haven’t cut my hair in so long. It is all in knots. Itches all the time. They let me borrow a knife. Small one. No trust. Took me a while, but I was able to cut some of this hair off. Beard too. That was much harder to do without slicing myself up. I actually got to see myself in the mirror. Glad to see I’m still really here. No one would recognize me like this. I barely recognize myself. Even after cutting my hair. I stared at myself for a while. I don’t know when or if I will ever get the chance to do it again. Just stared. Did some thinking. Remembered. Home. Family. Wonder if I made it back and they saw me would they recognize me? Would I recognize them? Thought about looking in the mirror as a kid. An innocent boy. Like to think I was innocent. Maybe mom or dad would think differently. Anyway. Then definitely not so innocent teen. Remembered looks were important then. Had to look good for the girls. I would have more of a chance with a zombie than a normal girl looking like this. Thought the teen years were pretty hard. Never thought I would wish I could go back to that time. Nothing is harder than this. Not even college. Had to look even better back then. Unless you just wanted the drunk girls. In that case, maybe I just need a drunk girl now. Super drunk. Then I thought about the present. Is this all worth it? Why am I here? Why am I not a zombie? Should I just become one and get it over with? Sometimes it feels like that but it would be the easy way out. I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I guess I should just be lucky there is a tomorrow.

Mar. 7, 2022

I don’t know what is going on, but the soldiers are starting to act strange. Stranger. My trust level is dropping. They are definitely hiding something. Not sure if Cheryl knows something. She is also keeping an eye on them. I don’t know what the plan is, and she doesn’t say much. I mean, what are we waiting for? If the soldiers are working on something, then just let us go. Maybe drop us off somewhere that we can escape. I’m sure they know somewhere that there are less zombies. We have just been sitting in this one area for days. The shower was nice, and having something to eat is always a bonus, but really. Are we just going to sit here forever?

Mar. 8, 2022

I wonder what kind of host Cheryl was before. If she was the same person she is now. She’s rough. Doesn’t open up. Hates questions. I can’t imagine people coming over her house for a party. We have been in this room together most of the time since we got here and nothing. She won’t even talk about other random stuff. Just has a mean look on her face. At least in the tunnel I could barely see her most of the time, so I would just pretend she wasn’t there. Not like she was. Always off looking for whatever. You would think we were married and got divorced because I cheated on her. Or killed someone in her family. Is this what it is like in prison? Sharing a cell with someone who doesn’t like you. Doesn’t want to talk to you. Can’t wait to get out. I give up. I still have you journal. You are the best company I have had in a while. I can always count on you.

Mar. 9, 2022

Soldiers don’t talk. Cheryl don’t talk. Everyone is on their own. This is ridiculous. I demanded to know something. For them to let us know what they are going go to do. Let us go or what. Nothing. Just told to shut up and sit down. I have been sitting for days. My ass hurts. There is just no winning in this world. People have gone nuts. I don’t think anyone knows what to do. Whatever these soldiers are doing, planning is probably something crazy. Stupid. Useless. Not going to change anything. The only plan that is working is the zombie plan. Eat and kill anyone not a zombie. Maybe their plan works because nothing divides them. They just all get together and attack. Just attack. There is Cheryl, the soldiers, and me. All wanting to survive, and instead of working together, we are all in our separate corners. Each with our own plan. This is stupid. It is just going to get someone killed. I keep saying it, but never stick to it. I’m better off alone. Make my own decision. And if I die, then I die because of my choices. Not because of soldiers with some fantasy plan. Not because Cheryl is too mad to care. Me.

What ever happened to freedom? That is what this country was built on. Then zombies take over, and everyone wants to be in charge. Take away your freedom, and tell you what to do. Just because they have a gun, and a fantasy of how they are going to save the world. Its not happening. One person is not going to make this all go away. The only way to win is to work together, and that never happens. All of us with the same goal but different way of getting there. This isn’t politics, this is life. Survival. Survival of each individual. Survival of the human race. You are not going to be President if you defeat the zombies. Nor King. And who would be stupid enough to want the job of cleaning up this mess? Or maybe they are that stupid.

Mar. 10, 2022

Asshole soldiers. All I wanted to do is take another shower. I’m so bored out of my mind I just wanted to be refreshed. They said no and maybe I mouthed off at them. No reason they had to get physical. I was surprised to see Cheryl actually say something. In my defense too! Prisoners I tell you. I wish they would let us out of this area so that I could find a way out. We are really accomplishing little, and I can’t imagine they are accomplishing much either. Bastards!

Mar. 11, 2022

Nightmares. This time I think I traveled through history. Roman soldiers fighting off zombies. Zombies making a zombie statue out in the desert. After that, maybe some knights at one of those tournaments. One knight knocked over another. He thought he won, but then the other one got up, took off his helmet, and revealed he was a zombie. People ran for it. Then I think I fast forward to the civil war. Zombie soldiers everywhere. Then one of the World Wars. At a burial, they were burying a soldier in a mass graveyard of soldiers when hands, and heads started popping out of the ground. People took off. My mind is crazy. Like I just read a history book. I hate history but there is always a lesson to learn. A shame that our history now includes zombies, and our history might be over. I need to get soldiers off my mind. Zombies too

Mar. 21, 2022

It all happened so quick. Unexpectedly. I can’t get into the specifics it was so crazy. I had no plan so it is a good thing someone did. It was the middle of the night. Cheryl woke me. Pulled me right off the floor. Like a fire drill. Made sure I didn’t say anything, and off we went. The soldiers were gone. Still don’t know where. We ended up outside and there was this guy. I now know him as Jason. We followed him around the building, and into this truck. Not as big as the one they saved us in. It didn’t take long after he turned it on for the soldiers to open fire. I was in the back. I just know we got away. It was a rough ride. We are now out on some roads leading away from the city. Still looks like a war zone. Apparently these trucks that they have been using are solar powered. No gas. No electricity. I checked it out. It has some weird panels on the top. Jason said they were specially made vehicles for the military. That was great to find out. They never made a honest effort to get people to switch to more efficient cars, but all along the government had there own. Damn gas companies. Robbing us. Always talk about oil running out, but it never seemed to happen. At least the zombies put them out of business. So Cheryl really did see someone the day she took off running. It was Jason. They have a history from what I can tell. She has no problem talking to him. Now she won’t shut up. He is military, but also a local. That is why he never left, and was with Cheryl’s group in the tunnels. That is who she was looking for. He got us out of there. Now Cheryl has saved me twice, and Jason once. Not sure what the next move is, but Jason says we have to keep moving as much as possible. He knows something. Cheryl might know it too. I just have to follow along for now.

Mar. 23, 2022

This piece of government technology obviously needed some work. It will only last so long. We travel, and then it shuts down to recharge. If it doesn’t get direct sunlight, it takes forever to charge. It is like running out of gas ever once in a while. Making Jason nervous every time it stops. I believe he thinks his friends, or ex friends will come after us. Maybe he pissed them off. I really don’t want to stick around for another reunion. Nor am I going back to be with those assholes. If I can get a clue where in the hell we are, it might be time to thank them and move on. 

Mar. 24, 2022

Being in this truck provides some safety from the zombies. They aren’t going to get in it. No way. Unless we basically invite them in. But we have to stick to the roads and be out in the open. If Jason is worried his buddies are following, then we can’t be that hard to find. I’m not liking this. I told Cheryl, but she says Jason has it under control. Those two have survived this long together. I have survived alone. I just get these feelings when my time is up with people. Or I just sense the trouble coming. This hunk of junk better start moving. This waiting is driving me crazy. They also forgot to get food to take on this escape. Water might not be a problem cause it looks like rain is coming. But that means no sun. Great! Time to go take a bath, and drink up.


I’m hurt my friend My leg is killing me Scratched myself up good

Car stopped to charge again Went into woods
Heard gun shot

Was going to head back but stopped
Was it zombs or soldiers
They saved me so I should have gone back

Heard voices Voice of guy that shoved me against wall
No way I was going back I had no gun Jason said no

So I went the other direction
I wasn’t paying attention and took a fall off a hill
Crawled over behind some rocks

Sitting duck for zombs or soldiers
Think soldiers are gone

Don’t know what to do now
Leg is bad Sore all over No food Little wat
No gun
We are in trouble journ


Is this what a wounded animal feels like

Wounded animals are easy prey

Sorry journ got blood on you

I don’t think I broke my leg
Feels like it   Pain


Hurts to stand
Crawling as much as I can

Hoping to find a safe place
Sitting out in the open isn’t good

Can’t sleep much
Pain  Worries   Dreams keeping me
Zombie soldiers chewing on leg
Mom laughing as usual







I admit it would be nice to have a little help.
Even though I want to be alone.
No idea where I’m going.
Arms are killing me from all the crawling.
Like a baby.
Surprise I haven’t become a zombie snack yet.
It is so nerve wrecking knowing one may pop up at any second and there won’t be anything I can do about it.
Hopefully my leg will heal before that happens.

Still April

Final found shelter. Cabin
So glad I made it.
No one here. Expect dead bodies in a hidden room under floor
Probably hiding then died
Not opening the door unless have too
Saw them only cause crawling on floor.
They have a bed. Nice bed
Lock myself in. Not leaving
Hopefully I don’t end up like them.

Maybe May

Fuck. I have a zombie living underneath me. I thought they were just dead people, but one of them actually moved. Curiosity got me looking through cracks again. Then surprised when one started moving. Didn’t move much. Light moaning. It looks like it is going to die. Again. Got to stay off floor just in case. Not a problem since can’t walk. So hungry though.

May 4, 2022

Old food. Use to it. Had to have something. I don’t know what everyone does for food. Most of it is old, even stuff that was supposed to last. It is killer on the stomach. And people complained about the grocery store. Arms feeling better. Leg still hurts. Zombie still there somewhere. 

May 5, 2022

Now I know where that room goes, and where not to step. It has been quiet down there. Taking no chances. Wonder what this cabin was for. Couldn’t be more than a vacation home. I couldn’t imagine anyone living here a long time. Makes me also wonder if there is a river or something nearby. Why else would you vacation here? Did the people down there die on vacation? That sucks

May 8, 2022

I can’t believe we had to leave. I’m not sure where to go now. I knew those soldiers were up to no good. I’m getting rid of these papers. I don’t want to be caught with them. Going to experiment on us. Watch our behavior and turn us into zombies. Bullshit. No more soldiers. Not trusting them. If you read this, don’t trust them. They are changing people into zombies to learn about them. I wonder if that means the government is still functioning somewhere. Where ever they are, they are up to no good. The zombies under the house were for an experiment. They have several cabins in the area according to the papers. I knew that wasn’t a vacation house. I got to get out of these woods. What a mistake it was coming this way. Dragging leg along. I don’t care. It can’t heal fast enough.

May 12, 2022

Doing the best to get out of here. Pain or no pain. Hunger or no hunger. Don’t worry journal. We aren’t getting caught. 

May 15, 2022

Hopefully I’m far enough. Slowed down. This has been hard. Should have never left the city.  It was so much easier going from apartment to apartment. Never figured I would live in so many places. Never figured I would be homeless. Never figured I spend so much time in the woods. Surprised I haven’t seen any thing out here. No survivors. No zombies. So quiet. I’m the only living thing around. 

May 20, 2022

I might as well be in the never ending desert. Instead of sand, just trees. Up and down hills. Grass. Trees. Another forest that never ends. And they were worried people were chopping down too many trees. I can’t remember his name, but there was this kid in high school that was absolutely obsessed with the environment. Save the trees. Save the fish. Dogs cats dolphins sharks ants snails flowers birds. Recycle. Donations. Boy was nuts. Wonder if he would save the zombies. 

May 23, 2022

A road. Or path. Hopefully it leads somewhere. Anywhere there is shelter will do. I could really use some transportation. This is probably the longest I’ve traveled on foot. Or crawling. Limping. To think there was a time when people crossed the country on foot. Or horse back. Oh what I would do for a horse about now. Actually I might be tempted to eat him instead of ride him. Tough one. Ride him to shelter then eat him. Yea. I wonder what horse tastes like. Can’t be worse than some of the crap I’ve already had.

May 28, 2022

A sign. City Town Village something ahead. Way ahead. I will get there. I will get there. 

June 2, 2022 

I may never get there. That’s what it feels like but we are getting closer journal. Little nervous. Things haven’t gone well lately. Don’t want to see people. Don’t want to see zombies. Just want to rest and recover. Also running out of pens.  

June 10, 2022

Made it to a series of homes. Abandoned from what I can tell. New occupant ME Hope I can stay here a while. I am going to check it out good. Make sure soldiers don’t have anything to do with these homes. Also keep an eye out for any possible neighbors. Dad was never a fan of neighbors. Usually hated when I made friends with them. Meant he had to be nice. As I got older, I realized more and more why he hated neighbors. Zombies would not make good neighbors.

June 12, 2022

Woman lived here. Young. Probably didn’t take much when she left, but people have been here since. As expected no food. Some clothes but nothing for me. Some dresses. No where to go in a dress these days. Always appreciate a bed. Something people won’t take with them. There is a bike in her storage room. Surprised no one used it. Tires flat. Looking for pump but so far no luck. Storage a mess so I just have to keep looking. Not even sure I can ride it with my leg hurting, but I will find some way I guess.

June 14, 2022

Kept a close eye on the neighborhood. Been quiet since I got here so I took a look around. First house’s doors were still locked, but nothing like breaking a window. Sad. Locked cause people died in there. Bodies on floor. In seats. Dead a while I think. Don’t think they were the original owners. Not much left here either, but did score 2 guns with a few bullets. Next house was open. Empty. Completely. Moved onto next house. More bodies. This time dead zombies too! A fight took place here with no winners I guess. If they survived, they are long gone. Didn’t get into that house too much. I’m having a hard time moving around as it is, don’t want to fall on a zombie. Just stood in the street looking around for a while. Kind of imagining life here before zombies. Not sure what is near here, but looks like a nice place to stay if you like your neighbors. Kids could play in the street. Walk the dog. Homes not bad. Newer community. Shame all gone to waste. 

June 17, 2022

Was looking at some women’s gossip and fashion magazines. Dated a long time ago. I remember some of those people. Wonder if you were famous did that give you a better chance at survival. Probably the money did. Rich bastards. Looking at some of the hot women back then. First time I have thought about women in that way for a long time. The only ones I usually see are dead or zombies. Looking through these magazines makes me remember how important they made things like looking good, dating, and having sex. Got through all of this mess and those things just don’t mean much anymore. Not going to save you from zombies.

June 19, 2022

Standing in the streets looking at all the homes reminded me of when Ethan and I were looking for a place to stay. Walking through neighborhoods. Of course we learned our lesson and stopped doing that. The neighborhoods weren’t safe, but nowhere was. We couldn’t find a good place to stay, and eventually Ethan paid for it. We had little choice and took shelter in a school with a bunch of strangers. It was kind of like people had tribes. Each held up in their own classroom. Some were friendlier than others. Like others had done, we wandered in there and with some good luck, at that time, someone let us in their room. Allowed in the room yes. Allowed any of their food or other resources not really. Not unless you could trade for it. Again I didn’t think it was the best idea to be around so many people. Ethan knew it too, but we had little choice. I don’t remember how many days we were there before it happened. I don’t know where they came from. Was someone inside bit, or sick? Or did they come from the outside? Gunfire set off panic. Everyone in our room tried to keep the door closed, but it wouldn’t last. Once it opened people were coming and going. No one knew who was a zombie or not. More gun fire. Ethan and I were in the back of the room. We were runners but not this time. We kind of just braced ourselves with our backs covered by the wall. Finally the room emptied somewhat, and we had to decide to run or not. The decision was made for us when someone running through the hall fired a couple of shots into the room. I thought we ducked. At least I did. Ethan didn’t duck, he was shot. I

I really didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t prepared for any of this. I wasn’t prepared to help him. I wasn’t prepared to make a decision to save him, or save myself. When I looked over at him I couldn’t believe the pain on his face, or the blood that was coming out his chest. I thought hoped it was closer to his shoulder but no. He couldn’t say anything either. Just trying to breath. There was no one to help us. Everyone was still running around like crazy. I finally decided to try to carry him out. I picked him up, and grab his shoulder opposite the wound. I told him to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. God I don’t even know where I expected to take him. A bullet wound at that time was the end of you. No hospitals to save you. I guess I just didn’t want to leave him,    but I did. When I got to the doorway there was just too much going on. Almost as soon as we got in the hallway we were knocked over. More pain for him. Shock was setting in. I kneeled over just staring. I don’t think I will forget the look on his face. He knew. I knew. But neither of us could say it. I held his hand for a sec, closed my eyes, and let go for good. I know it was a struggle getting out of there for many of the obvious reasons, but don’t remember.

It was so hard to come to terms with what happened. I tried not to think about it. So much was happening, it kind of made it easier. He was just a friend. Someone I met in college. Not a best friend. Not a life long friend. But the short time we spent struggling to survive kind of bonded us. I probably wouldn’t even have made it off campus if it wasn’t for you. And I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I shed tears for you my friend. 

June 20, 2022

Remembering Ethan. Going through what I’ve been through hurting my leg. Got me thinking. There is a mental aspect to surviving. There is a physical aspect to surviving. Both challenges. Mentally sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. I have to really think about what I’m doing. Where I am. What is going on. Sometimes I have to force myself to realize the world is different from what I was use to. Thinking about the past. Family. Friends. People I’ve met through my time on the run. The horrible sites. Having to kill. Journal you have been a help. Letting me release my feelings. My only friend. The physical. Dealing with hunger. Thirst. Not sleeping. Living in trees. Being hurt like I am now. Traveling on foot. Fighting off zombies. Running from zombies. Pain on both fronts. It is hard fighting to survive. And why? Why is the million dollar question. Not that there is any point to having a million dollars these days. 

June 22, 2022

I was thinking about a making a list of survival tips, but I see no point. If you are reading this, I’m most likely dead, or a zombie. You being alive means you have outlasted me. I just hope maybe there is something in here that you can use. Pass on my stories. Hopefully you are starting over by now, and the zombs are gone. The world won’t be able to move on until they are gone. Do I want to be a part of that world? I guess I do. That is why I continue this fight. But how will I know when the rebuilding process begins? It might have begun somewhere by now. I’m glad I’m not in charge of that mission. We are going to need real leaders. People who can really figure out how to put this puzzle back together. 

June 30, 2022

They appear to be gone. Spotted some zombs walking through the street days ago. They were hungry. Looking for food. I’m looking for food. It’s almost unfair that they can eat us, but we can’t eat them. Maybe it’s a fair turn of events. We eat a lot of things that couldn’t eat us in return. The things you never think about. So I hid in the mess in the garage for days. Quiet. Don’t think they smelled or heard me. I think they were around the house. Never inside. Finally I crawled out to take a look. Not going anywhere even though I don’t see them. Wouldn’t be the first time they hid til I came out.

July 3, 2022

I never found the pump but I think I can ride this thing anyway. I have to. I wheeled it around the house a little, and I think it will get me somewhere. Hopefully more downhills than uphills. It does make too much noise. You can never win. 

July 10, 2022

Didn’t feel like writing. Tired of it. Decided to play tennis instead. Except without the racket. Couldn’t find one. Probably used it as a weapon. Spent days throwing tennis balls down the street, and at the surrounding houses. See if it would spark any zombies to come out. No luck. More like luck. One more time tomorrow. If no zombs, it is time to ride. 

July 13, 2022

Maybe riding on a bike with bad wheels, and a hurt leg wasn’t such a great idea. Hard to peddle, and didn’t do my leg any good putting that kind of pressure on it. I wonder if my leg will ever be the same again. Did make it away from these homes. Found some signs but not sure where to go. Going to try to find them on the map. Need to get back to trying to go home.

July 19, 2022

Basically walking the bike instead of riding it. Keeping it just in case.

July 20, 2022

Think I found a good path. Should lead to a small town. Hopefully. Had a dream of getting home last night. Or maybe I was just imagining it. Imagining it like it was. Being in my bed. Watching tv. Computer. Wow, it has been so long since I used a computer. Hard to believe I almost forgot they existed. All that technology gone to waste. A nice warm bath. Delicious dinner. Every day stuff that is so normal you take it for granted. I don’t think I will ever come to grips with what has happened. It is unreal. I mean, 

July 23, 2022

Fucking zombs. Can’t even write in peace. Come running out of the bushes at me. Took care of him after a brief struggle. Surprised there was only one. Now I’m worried there are more. Also worried I’m going into another town of zombs. This is one of those times I want to yell again. The next zomb I kill I think I’m just going to hold up and yell at. Really curse it out. 

Aug 16, 2022

Yes, I’m back journal. Needed a break. Did you see what I saw? Amazing. Kids. Apparently living by themselves. I haven’t seen an adult around. You didn’t see them? These homes are big. Bigger than the other ones. This house has one of the better views of the neighborhood. They are hold up in a tree house. I wonder if it belongs to one of them, or they found it. I bet that turned out to be a good place to live. Zombs aren’t the best climbers. Easier to defend than a house. They have cleaned out the neighborhood. Can’t find anything of much use. What do you think journal? Talk to them or move on? I mean, they are kids. Maybe teens. Can’t really tell. Maybe there are not adults around for a reason. I’m going have to think about this one. Your no help as usual.

Aug. 20, 2022

Little bastards were more prepared than I thought. Kind of took the decision out of my hands. Caught me looking around another house. They had guns. Couldn’t tell from that far away. They took my gun. Water. Map. Why map? They aren’t going anywhere. Lucky none of them wanted to write. Threw you right back at me journal. And my now almost completely empty bag. Asked me if I was a doctor. Ha. I would have to be a lot smarter, and older. Do I really look old enough to be a doctor? I got to visit the tree house. That is where they keep all of the important things. Looking in the window of the house it appears they have some other stuff in there. One of them is sick. I think he might be on the way to being a zomb. It is weird it is taking so long. They said he has been like that for days. Maybe it is something else. If he is just sick I hope I don’t get it. If he is a zomb I hope I don’t get that either. I’m not sure if they would have killed me, but I’m not taking any chances. To survive this long, I know they have killed at some point. Told me what I figured. I won’t find much around here. Suggested I leave. If I brought zombs with me, they would be sure to get rid of us all. Thinking about leaving. Also thinking if their friend becomes a zomb and kills them first, I could get all their stuff. But if they become zombs, then I would have to kill them, and I’m still not sure how many of them are around. I bet they know where I am now. 

Aug. 22, 2022

Bastards took my pens. Good thing most homes come with pens. Not high on the list of things to take with you. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t go to far. These kids intrigue me. How have they survived? Where did they come from? Most of all where are the adults? I know they warned me, but still. I’ll keep my distance for now. See what happens. Maybe they let me stay. Probably not. Not in their age group. Going move a little further away. Just have a feeling. 

Aug. 25, 2022

This must have been another good place to live. It is a shame all these places have gone to waste. If these kids are from here, they must have been living good. Lucky. Were lucky. Or maybe still are lucky? In a way.

Where are their parents? I can’t believe the parents would leave them behind. Mom and dad wouldn’t have left us. Did they sacrifice themselves for the kids? That is something mom and dad would do.

So bored here. Go from one window to the next. Hoping to see something. Anything different. New. I can’t help but think the kids know I’m here. I never see them. These kids are good at hide and seek.

Aug. 26, 2022

I was thinking about some of the stuff I did as a kid. Riding bike. Playing sports. Video games. Computer. Always messing with the computer. Having fun with little sister. Making friends. I’m sure these kids did some of the same things. Now look. All those things taken from them. They had to grow up in a hurry. No playing games out here.   

Aug. 27, 2022

Wow this right here is the best bed I have slept in yet. Where did they get a bed so big? It is more than enough for two people. Normal size people. Tons of pillows. I just rolled around. Relaxed for once. Shortly but relaxed. All the time it is stress stress stress. There isn’t much time to let your guard down. You know with the killer kids on the loose. Amazing to think they actually killed. Kids. I remember seeing kids on the news killing people, but never really paid much attention. But sitting here thinking. Envisioning them killing zombies. Crazy. Well never envisioned myself killing either. I guess it is different with zombies. Kind of like animals. Hunting. I don’t know. Maybe they have done more running like I tried to. Running works. So does sleeping. Time to nap again.

Aug. 29, 2022

I didn’t realize it, but I think the kids marked each house. Differently. Maybe that they have been there. They took everything. If it was a safe house. Dangerous one. There was a check mark in one. An x in another. One had holes in the wall in some kind of pattern. Didn’t pay attention to it. Maybe it wasn’t them or just nothing. Mystery.   

September 7, 2022

Just when I was trying to relax. Can you believe it journal? Am the babysitter now?

James and what is his name. I keep forgetting. Came to me in a panic. I knew they knew where I was. Said their friend turned. Sort of. Still not sure what that means, but they are short on answering questions now. So apparently he bit another one of them, who didn’t say anything. He turned, and it got out of control quickly. It happens. They are still pretty upset. I think they had to kill some of their friends. Name had blood on him. Right now we are hiding in one of the houses they say is the safest. Apparently they didn’t kill all of their friends. Not sure why they came running to me. Or was I just in the right place. Maybe wrong place.

Sept 8, 2022 

Boys are upset. Stopped talking. In shock maybe. Each in their own spots in the house. They take turns crying. I watch from a distance. I don’t know them. Not sure what to say. Not much to say. It happens to everyone in Zombieville. Friends die. You have to kill friends. When Ethan died I just wanted to be alone. Thoughts were racing. Did that really happen? Why him? Why me? Why not me? Still not over it. Getting into situations like this is a constant reminder. 

September 9, 2022

I feel bad for them, but had to remind them that we were in danger. At least that is what I think. That is what they led me to think. They still didn’t say much. One whispered that they knew. I think. Been on the look out. Window to window. Haven’t seen anything. Thinking about this house. The kids might be right. Seems like one of the safer ones. Still. Never can be safe enough.

September 11, 2022

These kids need to snap out of it. I would have moved on by now. No food. They didn’t bring any with them. They probably had food before me. Seriously thinking about going to the house where their tree house was. Probably be to hard for them to go. Might not be happy if I mention it to them. Need them to lead me back though. I’m sure I would find it. Eventually. Can’t be roaming the streets with zombies out there. Kid zombies. Fast zombies. Have to think about how to get them going. 

Sept. 13, 2022

Woke up to the boys arguing. Think one is ready to move on, and the other isn’t. Sure neither is, but one is living in reality more than the other. Maybe hunger is setting in. They probably got use to having something to eat. Drink. Nothing for the last few days. Hopefully they figure it out soon. Was thinking about sneaking off, but don’t want them finding me. They won’t be happy.

Sept. 16, 2022

Moving out in hour. Boys said good to go. Go where is another story. I mentioned my plan, and neither was happy. Looked at me funny. Thought they were going to attack me for a second. Then one called me out. Said I wanted their stuff. Yes and no. Need the stuff. But so do they. They might be thinking about staying. I’m not staying. Going with some of their stuff or not. Just need to know cause I need get moving again. It is up to them. Not going to fight them. One last check now before going.

Sept. 18, 2022

The boys feel a need to move from house to house slowly. That worries me. They know something I don’t. I think there were more of those kids then I saw. They did agree to move go back to the house. Collect what we can take, and move on. They clearly don’t want to stay here anymore. That worries me as well.

Sept. 19, 2022

So now I know why I can’t remember this boys name. Never said his real name. James just calls him Q. Yea Q. Short for quick. Not that quick is a long word. Long nickname. Don’t understand these kids. James said if we are unlucky, I will see just how quick he is. Wonder if he is a fast runner. I’m good at running away. He’s not a quick talker. Doesn’t say much to me. James talks to me some. Said to follow him. We are taking the long, but safer way there. Hopefully.

Sept. 20, 2022

Being around them reminds me of being around Violet. Not that I have done much taking care of them. Just being around kids again. There is something about it that brings out your better side. Wiser side. Protective side. Although I haven’t done any of that either. Mostly following their lead, and listening to them. But I have a sense of responsibility again. I’m not sure I like it. Could get me killed. Or them. Like the last kids I was around. That didn’t end the way I would have hoped. But that wasn’t me that hurt the most on that day.

Sept. 24, 2022

I got a lesson on what quick means. In more ways than one. We were attacked. Kids. Kid zombies. Fast kid zombies. So much for me protecting the boys. They did more protecting of me. Quick is quick. Quick with the gun. Took several down in a hurry with no wasted shots. James had his back as he shot. They have done this before. I killed a few too. I think. They were gone before we knew. James hurried us off into another home. In the basement. Said there would be more not far behind those. I knew there was more than I originally thought. They have supplies here. Food. Water. Few weapons. James said there were certain houses they kept stuff because they had good hiding places. Hiding the stuff from people like me that come through here. Said we were close. Now we just have to wait until zombies move away. 

Sept. 25, 2022

James said the best way they knew how to survive would be to treat this like a video game. Most of them played games every day. Made them good at things like shooting. Quick was always the best at that. He just had to get used to the weight of the gun. And the power. Others were good at strategy. Like hiding these supplies, and the tree house. If I only knew it was that easy. Everyone that has survived to this point has a way that works for them. Otherwise, we would all be dead by now, and the zombs would rule.

Sept. 28, 2022

Made it to the tree house. Something wrong did happen here. Blood. Some body parts. Poor kids. It couldn’t have been easy that day. Neither is it easy being here now. I can see it on their faces. Shockingly, their friend that was sick is still here. Very weak. Barely moved, but a zomb. Never saw one that couldn’t get up and attack. At least one with 2 legs. Like it knew it wanted to attack, but resisted some how. He just moaned.  Could swear it wanted to talk, but it must have been my imagination. Weird. Boys were unsure what to do with it. I knew what I wanted to do, but left it up to them. Gave them a chance to deal with it, and went back down to get a closer look at the carnage. Quick definitely got in a few shots. Bullets to the head in some zombs. I went into the house. Very curious about it. All kinds of junk here. Like the kids collected everything from the neighborhood and threw it in this house. Big storage unit. Not a bad idea. You never know what you are going to need. Stuff you never thought could be a weapon could suddenly become one. It is a shame we will leave this stuff behind. If only we had a moving van. Ha Moving van!

Sept. 29, 2022

Slept in the house last night. Dangerous move, but the kids didn’t come down yesterday and I didn’t want to pressure them. Found a safe place in the mess. I think. About to go see what is going on. Hopefully they are alive, and made the right decision

Crazy kids! Slept up there with that thing. Said they took turns watching it. Insane. That never works. I hope they haven’t decided to go back to staying here. Friend is gone. Not human any more. We can’t stay here. I’m not staying here. Will give them a little more time. Then I’m going.

Oct. 1, 2022

Never made it back up the tree house. Don’t want to know. Just told them to get what they think we would need if we are going, and lets get out of here. If not, spare me some stuff and I’m off. They waited to the last minute, but finally left. If they eventually tell me what happened fine. If not, fine. Told them zombies must die no matter who they were. So if one of them turns, I’m not babysitting them.

Oct 3, 2022

Surprise surprise. The kids have a car too! They said they had another one that one of their friends tried to drive, but crashed it. I guess they didn’t play too many car games. We got the car, and went back to the house for more stuff. Filled the trunk, and off we went. Gave me my map back. Knew they had no use for it. I’m not sure how far we can get, but I’m going as far as this car will take us.

Oct. 5, 2022

2 days on the road. Kids can’t believe some of the things they have seen. They haven’t been away from that tree house in a long time. I tried to tell them that this was no joke out here. Nothing pretty to see!

Oct. 8, 2022

All right. Back to the usual shit. Drove the car as far as we could, and now stuck in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t get more exciting than this.

Oct. 9, 2022

Boys insisted on heading off to look for supplies gas. Whatever. Told them to make sure they know how to get back. Car is only shelter we have right now. And that doesn’t mean it is safe, so hopefully nothing follows them back here. If they make it back.

Oct. 10, 2022

It doesn’t matter how many times I sleep out in the middle of nowhere, it never gets easier. Scary not knowing whats out there. Actually chances are it’s a zombie but still. At least shelter of car would give me notice that they are here. I remember sleeping in the car when mom used to take us places. A lot on the way to and from school. Always on road trips. A much safer environment. Especially at the speeds she drove. Nothing like speed demon dad. To take a drive with them now would be nice.

Oct. 11, 2022

Where are these kids? Lost? Eaten? I know they haven’t experienced being in the woods for a long time. Maybe ever. I know I didn’t want to baby sit, but I definitely feel responsible for bringing them out here. Maybe I should have went with them. Just don’t have the same strength these days. Not getting any easier to survive. 

Oct. 17, 2022

Told them not to bring any zombies back with them. Couldn’t find any gas, but plenty of zombies. Not long after returning here come a bunch of them. Did a number on the car before we could get out and run for it. Found some trees to climb up, and waited them out. Killed some of them but told them not to waste bullets unless they had to. Looks like we are on foot again.

Oct. 20, 2022

I don’t know what we walked into. Zombie here. Zombie there. So far we have been able to handle it because the numbers are low. Not sure where they are coming from. Why there are so many around here. We are all exhausted. Walking, fighting, and no food is wearing us down. Hopefully we will come up on shelter, help, or food soon.

Oct. 22, 2022

Our conversation while walking through the forest- What animals live or hide in trees? Monkeys. Squirrels. Cats. Birds. And now us. Q said he wishes he was a bird. Just fly away at the sight of a zombie. How nice. My thoughts were actually how I could eat any of those creatures now. Disgusting but fuck am I hungry.

Nov 2, 2022

Found some farms. Now we know why there are so many zombies. Fresh dead bodies. Or body parts. Must have been some survivors here. Until the zombies found them. They ate well. Wonder if any one is left. Escaped? So far haven’t seen anyone. Debating what to do. Stay. Go. Kind of thinking zombies finished here and moved on. Did we accidentally cross paths with them, or were they chasing survivors? Must do is find food. Zombies ate. What about me? 

Nov. 5, 2022

James isn’t handling seeing all the death very well. I don’t think you ever get fully used to seeing death, but it doesn’t bother me as much now. What bothers me more is going through homes, and putting the pieces of the people’s lives together. Pictures are the worse. Seeing all the joyous moments. Meaningful moments. Loved ones together. All gone now. Kids rooms with toys. Baby rooms with cribs. Painted themed walls. Teddybears. Princesses. I found James more than once standing in front of a baby room. Just staring inside. I don’t think he went inside. He must have lost a baby brother or sister. I feel for him, but said nothing. I can’t take his pain away. No one can. There is no one.

Nov. 6, 2022

Food. Food. Food. Nothing like disgustingly old rotten food. With worms, and all kinds of nasty little creatures on it. Near dead bodies too. I don’t care. I ate everything I could. The boys weren’t as eager, but that is their choice. Farms seem to always have food hidden somewhere. I don’t think this was a fruit and vegatable farm, but they had some trees which is where I’m guessing they got it from. None with anything on them now. I was disappointed. Still happy to eat. Happy to deal with stomach pain later. No different than any day.

Nov. 9, 2022

They returned.

Nov. 11, 2022

Night of hell. That is what that was. James woke us up when he noticed people out in the field. Running back to one of the homes. Just as we were ready to go check it out we saw more out there. Zombs. Were following them. Right up to the house, and were trying to get in. The kids wanted to help. I said no. Did they listen? ? ? Damn kids never listen. Went running right outside. I watched. I watched as more zombs came behind them, and trapped them between themselves and the ones trying to get in the house. They opened fire killing most of them. Big mistake. More came out of the woods. I yelled for them to run. Mistake for me. They ran right back inside and then we had zombs at our door. Did the people in the other house come to save us? I tried to warn them. There is no reward for bravery out here. First thought was hide where the survivors were hiding but that didn’t appear to work for them. The boys looked around and found an attic. Can’t believe we missed that before. Also can’t believe we found two people. Barely alive. Couldn’t even speak. Just laying there barely moving. All we could do was make sure that they were not zombies.

We had to make sure the zombies couldn’t get up here. I knew they would find us, and they did. We hear them banging against walls. Moaning and groaning. This is different from being in a tree. From a tree you could see what they were doing. From here we can’t see anything. There is a small window, which is only good for giving us the outside light. Morning has come and none of us have slept. Just sat here all night listening. Once more light came into the room it was a horrifying site. The two people were practically bones. How they were alive I have no idea. Quick kept checking to make sure they were alive. He couldn’t believe it either. There was food and water up here at one time. Of course not now. I just realized. I don’t want to end up like these people. We are out of here.

Nov. 14, 2022

We are out. A true run for our lives. Kind of a limping run for me. I hated to do it and James didn’t want any part of it but it had to be done. I killed the 2 people, and used them as bait. Threw them downstairs so the zombies would have something to chew on. Not much but something. We then jumped down, took out the zombs that we had to, and then ran. There were still plenty outside. We just had to keep moving. Didn’t know if there were zombs in other homes. Didn’t know what happened to those people we saw. Just ran. Had to fight some off. Some were really fast. We made it down this hill, and then up another. Found this sort of small cliff. Again with the theme of a place they can’t climb. I could barely do it. Don’t see them anymore but that doesn’t mean they aren’t close. And we probably have to go back the way we came.

Nov. 20, 2022

Exhausted. Still on the run. They keep chasing. Boys now wish they stayed in tree house. Me too.

Nov 23, 2022

If there was only a way to easily go tree to tree.

Nov. 24

These zombs are determined not to let any survivors escape. We tried to go down and they were right there waiting. They seem to be more patient then we are.

Nov. 27, 2022

Quick had the idea to break off as many branches as we could. Then we would jump down on the attack. Didn’t really like the jump down part. James added the idea to throw a few off in another direction to distract them. Smart kids. So we did it. Could have picked better branches, but worked well enough. Then it was marathon time again.

Dec. 3, 2022

On our last legs we made it to a valley that was hard to get down into. We decided to go down here cause we saw homes. Just a few but all we needed was one. When we got down here there were bodies. Untouched. Just dead. Most died of hunger. Probably afraid to leave. There couldn’t be zombs here cause they would have eaten these bodies. That is a relief. However, it also told us we probably wouldn’t find any food. There are no cars cause you can’t drive down here. Not really sure how these people lived down here. This will give us some safe rest, but we can’t stay here either.

Dec. 4, 2022

Had a dream. A wave came down and flooded us right out of the valley. The water dropped us right at the feet of zombs. I think one actually said it didn’t like its food soggy. Then my mom appeared and said not to worry. We would dry out soon enough, and make a good meal. I turned around and realized I wasn’t the only one that washed up there. There were hundreds of others behind me. When some decided to run, the water just brought them back. I think when I got splashed again I woke up. I think I’m thirsty now.

Dec. 6, 2022

We have checked this place over and didn’t get much from it. I tried to figure out where we are, but I’m not sure. Hidden town I guess. We just have to go away from the direction we came, and keep going. Boys are tired. Their advantage of youth has about expired with the limits of our resources. 

Dec. 7, 2022

Fuck is it cold in this valley. Colder than sitting up in those trees. Air just flowing right down here. Took clothes off the dead to wrap up in. Smells but whatever. Everything smells. Bad.

Dec. 10, 2022

Uncharted territory for zombs no more. So weird. At first they were all kind of standing at the edge cliff looking down here. I’m not sure why we didn’t run, but we also stood and watched them. Then one decided to try to come down, but it just fell and rolled. Then others waited. Like they knew what was going to happen. Finally another tried unsuccessfully. And another. We laughed. And laughed. Until one got up. Sort of. It tried to stand then fell time after time. Then others started crawling. God do I hate zombies. We had to go over there and put an end to them. Funny how some of them lost body parts on the way down. Good thing we went down slowly. Can’t afford to lose any body parts.

Dec. 11, 2022

Up the other side of the valley we go. Hopefully this valley puts some distance between us and them. So lost. Need to find somewhere on the map so we can head in the right direction. What direction that is.

Dec. 15, 2022

Why do all the places we end up have to be so much work getting to and from them? Up and down trees. Up and down that valley. What a walk. Still clueless about where we are going. There is just forest. Only good thing is that we have been zombie free so far.

Dec. 17, 2022

Boy did we end up in the middle of no fucking where! There is nothing but TREES! Trees trees trees! Where is civilization? Or where civilization once existed.


Dec. 20, 2022

Now we need something to go on the river. I don’t know where it goes, but I want on. Tired of walking to nowhere!

Dec. 30, 2022

I must have forgot about my last river experience. It didn’t go well, and neither did this time. Q almost drown. It would have been nice if he would have spoken up about not being a great swimmer. Freaking water was cold. Refreshing but cold. And taste funny. It came out into a lake. This must have been a nice place to fish in the summer. Not that I see many fish. Boy would it be nice to fry one up about now. Found some small cabins along the lake. A place to rest up and dry off.

Is this year going to be Max's last? Stay tuned as there is more to come or is there?