Friday, July 1, 2011

Feb. 8, 2022

After going ahead and sharing some of my stories with her, even though I’m not sure she cared, she finally told me the story of what is going on. It was obvious the military was involved and she confirmed it. Apparently the military had this area under control for a while. The military told people in the area that if they weren’t going leave, they had to stay in their homes. Lock down. She said that was fine with her because she wasn’t going to leave her home for nothing. She toughed out hurricanes, tornados, and floods, and she wasn’t going to let zombies run her out of town. The military was doing a good job controlling the zombies. She said she would see them out of her windows patrolling the streets. All the zombies were gone. Then she realized they were doing something she couldn’t believe. Instead of killing them, they were holding some of them. She saw them actually busing in zombs in trucks. Not surprising to me. As she said that, I was hoping they found a cure, but quickly realized that didn’t happen cause I’m sitting in an underground tunnel listening to a stranger. Her family knew that was a bad idea, and they strongly considered leaving at that point. She doesn’t know what happened, but someone screwed up and the zombies took over. She has no idea what specifically happened, and really didn’t say except that she heard several theories from people since. A battle ensued, and the military soon enough bailed. People were left to fend for themselves. She seemed proud of the way the people fought, but it was too much and people weren’t ready for that. Then she kind of fast forwarded the story and said she ended up with some people, one of which was familiar with the underground tunnels. That is where they have been hiding ever since. She went out of her way not to mention what happened to her family, but you know, she doesn’t have to. I get it. I know. It happened to us all. When I noticed that, I didn’t want to push it. She finished up, and I just kind of went onto what do we do now. She seemed to have a plan, but wasn’t sharing. That was enough sharing for the day I guess. 

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