Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mar. 1, 2022

Cheryl just ran for it. We were waiting, waiting, waiting, and then she took off. She said that she saw someone, and is why she ran. Even after hearing her reasoning, I am still confused. How did she make a normal person among all those zombies I will never know? Still don’t think she even knows. After she ran, the zombies ran right after her before I could move. I don’t remember thinking about it at the time, but now that I am, if I wanted to leave her that was the moment. I probably could have gone the other way and neither the zombs or her would have known. But that isn’t what happened. I got out and chased her. No, actually I was chasing the zombies that were chasing her. I’m not sure, but that might be the first time I ever chased zombies. While not in a car. Funny. Me chasing zombies. And they didn’t even know it. Then some started chasing me from out of nowhere. So it was Cheryl running after who knows what. Zombies chasing her. Me chasing her but in the process really chasing zombies. And then zombs chasing me. I didn’t know Cheryl could run so fast. I lost site of her. I guess I was really chasing the zombs then. Anyway, eventually the zombs stopped and realized I was behind them. I stopped and saw the ones behind me coming up quick. I thought that was the end once again. I didn’t notice how many of them there were. I had a few bullets but it wasn’t going to be enough. Just as I was looking for a direction to run, this big truck I was standing by turned on. It was so big that I can’t believe I missed it, but my focus was on the zombs. It pulled forward, a door opened, and an arm pulled me up and inside. Amazing really. I should be dead. Definitely would be dead if that truck doesn’t turn on. It took off. Think it hit some of the zombs too. When I got seated, there was Cheryl. I suppose it was one of these guys she saw, but I am still not sure. She didn’t describe them as any of these guys. Apparently not all the military left. In typical military style, they haven’t told us much. Been locked up. Not in a jail though. Just in a room. From the dark tunnels to this room, Cheryl and I have gotten to spend more time together. The guys have learned what a pleasure she is to talk to. As long as they don’t make me a slave, I will deal with it. This room is better than the tunnel, or on those streets. 

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