Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mar. 9, 2022

Soldiers don’t talk. Cheryl don’t talk. Everyone is on their own. This is ridiculous. I demanded to know something. For them to let us know what they are going go to do. Let us go or what. Nothing. Just told to shut up and sit down. I have been sitting for days. My ass hurts. There is just no winning in this world. People have gone nuts. I don’t think anyone knows what to do. Whatever these soldiers are doing, planning is probably something crazy. Stupid. Useless. Not going to change anything. The only plan that is working is the zombie plan. Eat and kill anyone not a zombie. Maybe their plan works because nothing divides them. They just all get together and attack. Just attack. There is Cheryl, the soldiers, and me. All wanting to survive, and instead of working together, we are all in our separate corners. Each with our own plan. This is stupid. It is just going to get someone killed. I keep saying it, but never stick to it. I’m better off alone. Make my own decision. And if I die, then I die because of my choices. Not because of soldiers with some fantasy plan. Not because Cheryl is too mad to care. Me.

What ever happened to freedom? That is what this country was built on. Then zombies take over, and everyone wants to be in charge. Take away your freedom, and tell you what to do. Just because they have a gun, and a fantasy of how they are going to save the world. Its not happening. One person is not going to make this all go away. The only way to win is to work together, and that never happens. All of us with the same goal but different way of getting there. This isn’t politics, this is life. Survival. Survival of each individual. Survival of the human race. You are not going to be President if you defeat the zombies. Nor King. And who would be stupid enough to want the job of cleaning up this mess? Or maybe they are that stupid.

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