Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mar. 11, 2022

Nightmares. This time I think I traveled through history. Roman soldiers fighting off zombies. Zombies making a zombie statue out in the desert. After that, maybe some knights at one of those tournaments. One knight knocked over another. He thought he won, but then the other one got up, took off his helmet, and revealed he was a zombie. People ran for it. Then I think I fast forward to the civil war. Zombie soldiers everywhere. Then one of the World Wars. At a burial, they were burying a soldier in a mass graveyard of soldiers when hands, and heads started popping out of the ground. People took off. My mind is crazy. Like I just read a history book. I hate history but there is always a lesson to learn. A shame that our history now includes zombies, and our history might be over. I need to get soldiers off my mind. Zombies too

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