Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mar. 8, 2022

I wonder what kind of host Cheryl was before. If she was the same person she is now. She’s rough. Doesn’t open up. Hates questions. I can’t imagine people coming over her house for a party. We have been in this room together most of the time since we got here and nothing. She won’t even talk about other random stuff. Just has a mean look on her face. At least in the tunnel I could barely see her most of the time, so I would just pretend she wasn’t there. Not like she was. Always off looking for whatever. You would think we were married and got divorced because I cheated on her. Or killed someone in her family. Is this what it is like in prison? Sharing a cell with someone who doesn’t like you. Doesn’t want to talk to you. Can’t wait to get out. I give up. I still have you journal. You are the best company I have had in a while. I can always count on you. 

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