Friday, August 26, 2011

Mar. 24, 2022

Being in this truck provides some safety from the zombies. They aren’t going to get in it. No way. Unless we basically invite them in. But we have to stick to the roads and be out in the open. If Jason is worried his buddies are following, then we can’t be that hard to find. I’m not liking this. I told Cheryl, but she says Jason has it under control. Those two have survived this long together. I have survived alone. I just get these feelings when my time is up with people. Or I just sense the trouble coming. This hunk of junk better start moving. This waiting is driving me crazy. They also forgot to get food to take on this escape. Water might not be a problem cause it looks like rain is coming. But that means no sun. Great! Time to go take a bath, and drink up.

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