Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mar. 21, 2022

It all happened so quick. Unexpectedly. I can’t get into the specifics it was so crazy. I had no plan so it is a good thing someone did. It was the middle of the night. Cheryl woke me. Pulled me right off the floor. Like a fire drill. Made sure I didn’t say anything, and off we went. The soldiers were gone. Still don’t know where. We ended up outside and there was this guy. I now know him as Jason. We followed him around the building, and into this truck. Not as big as the one they saved us in. It didn’t take long after he turned it on for the soldiers to open fire. I was in the back. I just know we got away. It was a rough ride. We are now out on some roads leading away from the city. Still looks like a war zone. Apparently these trucks that they have been using are solar powered. No gas. No electricity. I checked it out. It has some weird panels on the top. Jason said they were specially made vehicles for the military. That was great to find out. They never made a honest effort to get people to switch to more efficient cars, but all along the government had there own. Damn gas companies. Robbing us. Always talk about oil running out, but it never seemed to happen. At least the zombies put them out of business. So Cheryl really did see someone the day she took off running. It was Jason. They have a history from what I can tell. She has no problem talking to him. Now she won’t shut up. He is military, but also a local. That is why he never left, and was with Cheryl’s group in the tunnels. That is who she was looking for. He got us out of there. Now Cheryl has saved me twice, and Jason once. Not sure what the next move is, but Jason says we have to keep moving as much as possible. He knows something. Cheryl might know it too. I just have to follow along for now.

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