Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oct. 2, 2020

Walking walking walking. I will be in good shape. I’m like a giraffe. Maybe more like a cow. I have been eating leaves, and grass. There is nothing out here, and I’m out of the little food I had. I’m walking and getting nowhere fast. I see a sign every once in a while, but the miles seem to never shrink. I need transportation. Call a cab. There is too much time to think. All I do is think and it is driving me crazy. I try singing but that doesn’t last long. I don’t remember the last time I heard a song. Radio went to emergency broadcast systems then just died along time ago. I haven’t even turned a radio on in any of these cars. No point. Just like the TV’s. No point. The only media is my journal. I wonder if any other survivors are documenting their struggles. If someone finds them when we are long gone, they could be part of an ugly time in history. They would probably burn them. Hide what happened. No one would want to remember this. Or they could become part of the rare evidence of what happened. Proof that this wasn’t a lie. A nightmare. And I am ruining it with this stupidity I keep writing. The things I have done, and written. Well, it’s the truth. If you are reading this it is THE TRUTH. I can’t make this shit up. PS you took too long to save us. Next time take the threat of zombies seriously.

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