Monday, September 20, 2010

June 23, 2020

I knew this day would be coming. Crowley and I had a big fight yesterday. He just doesn’t do enough work around here. Always watching but not working. I don’t know how he survived before I came along. I feel bad because he is older, but like I said before “I am not going to be a slave again!” We agreed or I decided that for now on we farm what ever we are going to eat. I have my side and he has his. Obviously he has more experience than I do, but I will just have to do the best I can. I have already learned a lot. This kind of reminds me of one of my college roommates. In my freshman year, it actually worked out all right. The next year was a battle. John Murphy Love. I had no love for him. I don’t think many people did. For someone with love in their name, you would have thought he would have been nicer. Forget that. Complete ass! Always thought I was using his stuff. Always complained about the TV shows I watched, or music I played. Ha, I even remember when he thought I was wearing his clothes. If being an ass didn’t detour the girls, his clothes did. I don’t even know where you buy clothes that ugly. He was just different. At times I wanted to feel sorry for him, but in the end he was just an ass. I can’t believe we actually had to divide the room. Even the frig. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t bring friends back to the room because there wasn’t enough room on my side. I am surprised that we never got into a physical fight. He had a big mouth, but couldn’t back it up. I bet he made a great zombie though. No shot he didn’t become one. It was just an extremely long year. I hope things aren’t going to be that bad with Crowley. Not sure what I would do.

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