Saturday, September 25, 2010

July 11, 2020

You are never going to believe what happened now. I was out in the field with Crowley on his side and me on my side when I heard this commotion going on. At first I just thought it was Crowley, but it was zombies. They were running right in our direction. Before I knew it, I yelled for Crowley to run, and took off. He didn’t follow, and I felt bad leaving him alone, but I was defenseless out in the field. I turned to run so fast that I didn’t notice what the true commotion was about. The zombies weren’t coming after us, they were running from a tornado that was coming up quickly behind them. Finally, something that brought fear to the zombies. I guess it was pure instinct that they knew to run from it. I wish I had more time to enjoy their fear, but I had plenty to fear myself. Thankfully Crowley’s farm has a storm shelter. I usually kept the keys with me, but not on that day. I ran into the house, grabbed the keys and my bag, and ran to the shelter. As I stepped inside I glanced up, and saw the zombies spread out running for their lives. Their lives? Are they alive? Regardless, they definitely couldn’t care less about me. I closed the door. Crowley must have been through this before because the door was well secured, and the shelter was stocked with very old food. I had come down there once before mostly out of curiosity. I am glad I had the sense to leave all of the food down there, even if it is hard to eat. There was only a small crack of light coming in, and I curled up in the corner. Seconds later, I could hear the house getting torn apart. Poor Crowley. Both his home, and himself blow away by a tornado. I had never been through anything like that before. We had some close calls with hurricanes back home, but they never reached us. So I’m sitting here on what was the bathtub wondering what to do next? Nothing but open field as far as I can see. I could stay here in the shelter a little longer, but it isn’t going to hold me forever. All the crops are gone. Hopefully the tornado got all the zombies. Probably ripped the skin right off of them. I wish I could have seen them as they were swept up, and disintegrated by the tornado. I guess I better prepare for a walk. Man it must have sucked back in time with no cars, bikes, or even before people rode horses.

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