Saturday, March 13, 2010

July 24, 2019

I am a genius. I fell asleep while driving, and drove into a ditch. Luck is still with me because I survived that too. It would have sucked to have survived all these zombie attacks, and then die from crashing the car. I could have done that in a normal world. Not sure if it is lucky to still be alive though. I know my luck will eventually run out, that is if the zombie’s doesn’t first. Like with this guy I met about a year ago named Jedrus Gorski. He was a prison warden or a deputy warden. At least that is what I think it said on his badge. He said he had worked there over 15 years, and thought he saw everything an inmate could do. Stabbing guys in the eyes, slitting throats, broken bones, gang riots, and other nasty stuff I wish he hadn’t mentioned. With all his experience and training, he was not prepared for inmates to become zombies. He thought it all started from a bunch of inmates that had been recently transferred to his prison. He had a bad feeling about them from the start. The prisoners were there probably a couple of weeks before they all started getting sick and then died. Only in riots had he ever had so many prisoners die in such a short time span. Before the bodies could be removed from the prison, all hell broke loose. Gorski said he signed the paperwork and saw them store the bodies, but he got the shock of his life when he saw one of the prisoners leaning over one of his guards biting into his stomach. Before he knew it, several of the other supposedly dead prisoners appeared, and charged at him. He said he unloaded every round of ammunition he had into them just to escape. The prison was put on lock down, but that did not stop the now zombie prisoners. They were killing people all over the place. Gorski said the dead people were coming back to life, and killing people too. That was the first time I had heard of anyone who was killed by a zombie coming back to life. I thought it was just the people who were vaccinated. He was in a difficult situation. He didn’t want to just let all the prisoners run free, but he also did not know how to stop the madness. Apparently he waited too long because the prison had become a maze of zombies and locked doors. You didn’t want to end up at a dead end. Most of his guards were killed, and were now zombies too. Some prisoners were locked in their cells, and refused to come out. I guess they weren’t so tough after all. They radioed for help, but it never arrived. I bet it was because someone probably mentioned dead people coming back to life, and killing people. Early in all this craziness, that was hard to believe, but not anymore. His 15 years of dedication to keeping a safe and functional prison went out the window. Finally, two guards and himself gathered all of the guns they could, and made their way towards a special emergency exit that only he knew of. After much blood shed, he was the only one lucky enough to make it out. I find it funny that the warden turned out to be the one that had to break out of prison, but Gorski did not find that funny at all. He looked like he wanted to shoot me when I told him that. The man loved his job I guess. It was quite the story. I think he told it to me 5 or 6 times with different details each time, which was good because sometimes I couldn’t understand that accent of his. I was also lucky to have him fight by my side for a while. He learned a lot of tricks from being at that prison, but his luck finally ran out. One night, the person on look out fell asleep, and zombies ambushed us. I just remember hearing all this screaming, and then taking off, but not Gorski. He was a brave leader to the end as he tried to save others in the group. While running away, I glanced back to see a zombie on his back. It looked like it may have had his ear in its mouth. Another one was hanging onto his leg, with others running right at him. He survived the prison, but not the changing world. If it wasn’t for Gorski, I may not be alive right now. I guess he passed his luck onto me. I’m going to need it to walk into town now. One last nap, and then I’m off. Man does my head hurt.

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