Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aug. 10, 2019

Everyone used to complain about $8.00 gas. I wish I could get some now. Can’t find a car that will get me anywhere. All I do is jump from one to another. That last one didn’t even get me to the next town. I had to walk the last couple of miles in this heat. I drank most of my water just to make it here. And the heat makes dead bodies reek. This town is a little different because there are bodies tied to poles, and placed around the entrance to town. Almost like a warning or something. I am getting another bad feeling about this. If they were the military, why would they do that? I don’t think the zombies would know what to make of that. Unless the military knows something I don’t. Maybe there are some smarter zombies. No, couldn’t be. I wish I could find some weapons. Just in case.

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