Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aug. 3, 2019

I guess I have made it out of the city and into the world of small towns. There is not much here. There were some small homes I passed on the way into town, and no signs of life anywhere. As I got to the center of town, I saw a few dead bodies here and there. It is too hard to tell if they were zombies, or people that were killed by zombies. I am still not sure why some people apparently become zombies and others don’t. I don’t stick around when zombies are attacking. Run, run, run because these aren’t the typical zombies I used to see in horror movies. Horror movies. I guess I am the star of my own horror movie right now. Zombies, who would have thought that could ever happen. I am not a huge horror fan, and never will be if the world ever gets back to normal. Don’t remember what the last zombie movie I saw was. I miss going to the movies. I hope I am the hero of this story. Actually, I don’t remember too many people surviving in zombie movies. Damn! This can’t get much more depressing. There is no one here, but it is not a secure place to stay. Maybe that is why no one is here. A hurricane of zombies probably came right through here. Did their damage and moved on. 

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