Saturday, February 27, 2010

July 23, 2019

I led them right to those people. They told me to go away, but it was too late. Those zombies probably killed them all. I knew I should have just left. They didn’t want me there. Told me to leave the second I got up there. Before I knew it, I heard them coming. Racing up the stairs again. They heard them too, and refused to let me in their penthouse apartment. I hate to say it, but lucky me. If they let me in, I wouldn’t be writing right now. It was scary though. I didn’t know what to do at first. I went down a floor and checked the other stairwell, but they were in there too. I didn’t want to go in the open apartment and get trapped there. The only other place to go was the garbage chute room. By the time I opened the door to investigate, I heard them enter the hallway so I was stuck. The only place to go was in the chute. It was hard to get through the hole. I wedged Louis up against the room’s door to buy me some time to get in the hole, and that probably saved me. It didn’t take long for the zombies to pick up my scent. They were banging up against the door, and I heard them finally open it. After that, I just heard them scratching the walls. I knew they would not be able to open the chute door. I braced myself because I did not want to slide to the bottom, and get stuck there. Some time passed and then I heard the screams. The same screams I have been hearing in my nightmares since. The zombies must have busted their door down or something. I thought they were well defended, but I think there ended up being too many of them. That is when I slowly slid down the chute. I don’t remember what floor I got out at. I just keep thinking about those people. All dead because of me. I think those were the zombies I was hiding from before. That was what they were doing. They knew there were people around somewhere, and I probably led them right to the people. I thought I covered my scent. I don’t know. The zombies are so persistent. After I got out of the building, I just ran. When I thought I ran far enough, I ran some more. Good reason because I was being followed. It was not long before I was fighting off zombies myself. Running and shooting. Used up all my bullets, and lost several knives. I’m in bad shape now. I have got to find some food, and more weapons. I searched several houses until I finally found a car and some car keys. It was not easy knowing any minute they would be coming in through the windows. I finally got this old truck to start up. I drove as far out of that area as I could. Problem is, I keep getting further and further away from anywhere I am familiar with. I am a North Carolina boy suck somewhere in the middle of Texas. I am not sure where I am, and even where I should go. I need to find another town soon because I am almost out gas. Between the nightmares and my nervousness, it is hard to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, but all this writing is making me tired. Good because I need to sleep. I am surprised that I am even making sense at this point. At least I got a truck where I can lay out instead of one of those small environmentally friendly cars. A lot of good they did. Who cares about the environment now? The only pollution that matters is the zombies. If we could only get rid of them. Why can’t we get rid of them? Why? They just keep coming! They just keep killing! Why? Why? Why? 

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