Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jan. 5, 2022

All this mess reminds me of the chaos when Ethan and I left the Bradley house. After the car crash, we bounced around the streets looking for safety. Every time we thought we found a place to rest and hide, crazy shit started happening. It was so confusing. Not knowing what was happening. How people were changing. It seemed like it started so fast. All of the sudden. I thought people were going nuts, but Ethan was sure it was zombies. He liked horror movies more than I did. He kept saying this was the zombie  zombie apocalypse. I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. This wasn’t a movie. There were times I thought he was going nuts too. But there was little time for debate. People would gather. Wait. Then someone would turn. Then it was like a gun went off to start a marathon. People would scatter. Both of us took turns almost getting hit by cars. Shot by gunfire. Trampled by the crowds. I remember coming up on a police station. About 2 dozen policemen were out front ushering people inside. It was too many people rushing into a tight spot so Ethan and I figured it was better not to follow. While they ran to the police station, we found another place to hide. We went into a nearby building and waited to see what was going to happen. Ethan rested, but I had to see what was happening. The police were trying to do the right thing. They didn’t know any better. At that time, not many people knew any better. People ran inside. The police protected the streets. Then they needed protection when the people came flying out of there. Policemen got run over. I could swear one or two of them actually started shooting innocent people. Innocent from what I could tell. Their plan failed and the cops were now on their own. Once the people escaped, Ethan and I knew it was time to move on because they would soon be coming into the surrounding buildings. Into the streets. Fighting through people. It was hard to stop anywhere for long. Soon cars couldn’t get through the mess, and everyone was on foot. Forget bicycles. People would just knock you down, take it, and then get knocked down only to have someone else take it. Motorcycles weren’t a bad idea, but you couldn’t stop. People got desperate real fast, and most didn’t know what was going on. So much for staying in your homes. Ethan and I made it out of the city and more into the surrounding neighborhoods. How we did it, I don’t know! It was a little calmer there because these people actually stayed in their homes. Most people wouldn’t even think about opening their door. We walked down the streets along with others that had nowhere to go. More close calls. While we stayed in the middle of the street, some got too close to the wrong homes. Step into the wrong yard, and get your head blown off. Would always scare me to death when that gunfire would go off all the sudden. People just wanted help, but others wanted no part of what was going on. Then there were the few that wanted to help. Invite you right into their home. That was one thing we disagreed on. I wasn’t to keen on going into these homes, but Ethan always wanted to stop and rest. Lazy I tell you. Again, I don’t know how we made it that far. Ethan took advantage of the homes, and rested. He was good at talking the people into giving us food, and drinks, even if they barely had any. Convinced them this was temporary, and the government would restore order soon enough. When he was done resting, we thanked them, and moved on. Mostly to make me happy. Every home we stopped in, I just had flashbacks of the Bradley house. I told Ethan that would happen again, and I was right. I think it was the third house we stopped at. Everyone was ready for bed when there was a bang in the backyard. We were laying down in the living room. Ethan, and I sat up, and I still remember giving him that look. I knew it. The lady of the house turned on the light and there was someone standing by the fence. The woman almost had a heart attack. Her husband looked closer, and said it was the neighbor’s son. He opened the door and called for him. Nothing happened. Ethan, and I already were up, and making sure we had a clear path to the door. I yelled for him to close the door. Opps, that boy spun around, and made a dash for the door. The husband froze, but at the last second closed the sliding glass door. Yea, that didn’t matter. He went right through it, and we were gone. I could here the woman calling for help, but that wasn’t us. We wasted no time in running away. Far away. I told Ethan, no more homes. We would have to come up with a better plan than that. 

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