Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dec. 29, 2021

After walking and walking finally signs of civilization. Civilization probably not, but a city yes. As usual, it isn’t that easy though. I found a sign that says there is a city only a few miles ahead. I also found another sign that read, “Beware of Zomb.” They didn’t live long enough to finish the sign. Actually there are some bones not too far up the road. Maybe that’s them. They should have been running. Kind of makes me think I should do more paying attention and less writing sometimes. Oh well, if I got to go, why not go out with you journal.

They say history often repeats itself so I hope that isn’t the case now. A sign tells me the river is close. I get there, and there are zombies waiting for me. Now I see a sign that there is a city close by. Are there zombies waiting for me? This time there is a warning sign, and the lessons history might be trying to teach me. I took on that river to get here. There really is no stopping now. Sorry history. I haven’t learned. 

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