Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jan. 4, 2022

So it looks like that sign was right. The closer I get, the more signs of a battle with zombies took place. Dried up blood everywhere. Better than fresh blood. Bodies. Parts of them. Bullet shells. Finally found some cars. Too bad they are useless. Nasty crashes into trees. Into each other. People died in them. One looked like it was used as a battering ram. Blood all over the front. Skin. Pieces of bone. All stuck in the front grill. In the rims. Tires flat. Part of a body under one of the tires. Pinned down for who knows how long. Whatever battle took place happened a while ago. It is clear people were running from them, and the zombies were giving chase. Maybe this means I will walk into an empty town. That would be ideal. 

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