Saturday, August 21, 2010

April 9, 2020

Nothing complicated about this plan. Get the hell out of dodge. I am still not feeling that great, but I am not staying here. Too many weird things going on. I am making progress. In another store, but closer to getting out of this business district, and into a residential area. I can’t find a car anywhere. Looks like a lot of people already got out of dodge. Sitting here, I’m looking around. I wonder how long this store was open?  They couldn’t have sold that much. Who the hell buys all these souvenirs? All this stuff with visit this state, visit that state. Go USA! There is no more USA. They would have been better off selling stuff with the United States of Zombies. Or United Zombie Nation. Even better Welcome to Zombieville! This may be the last thing you ever read! Too bad the zombies can’t buy anything. Maybe  Finally found a dam map. This place wasn’t as useless as I thought. 

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