Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mar. 22, 2020

It finally happened. A zombie attack. Thankfully not on me, but I was a lot closer than I wanted to be. I just woke up from a nap when I heard some screams. Nights are always more dangerous than days. I was lucky not to get caught napping. I crawled over to the window and looked out. This apartment building was raided by zombies. They apparently went through the windows. The screams were horrible. A couple of people made it out, and were being chased of course. One started in my direction, but was tackled before getting here. I got an up close look at the zombies ripping this person apart. I am not sure how they decide when to kill someone, or just wound them leading them to becoming a fellow zombie. Well, this person wasn’t going to be a zombie. They tore his legs off. One of his arms. Just biting and biting into him. Blood was pouring out. Pieces of him scattered all over the place. Not sure why they didn’t pick up my smell. Maybe because I haven’t taken a shower in a long time. Also I was going through the garbage in the morning. Garbage seems to work I guess. The zombies seemed like they got everyone because most of them strolled slowly out after the screams stopped. Not sure if those few others that made it out found safety. The way the people are around here, I doubt anyone helped them. Not that I helped either. I stayed on the look out for the rest of the night. The zombies just kind of roamed around. I am not sure what they were doing. So many of them were covered in blood. Clothes barely still attached to them. Many of them wounded. Probably how they became zombies in the first place. Sometimes you can tell the difference between the people that became zombies from being attacked, and the people that became zombies from the vaccine. I am not sure, but the ones that were attacked seem to be more aggressive. I think

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