Saturday, January 28, 2012

Aug. 27, 2022

Wow this right here is the best bed I have slept in yet. Where did they get a bed so big? It is more than enough for two people. Normal size people. Tons of pillows. I just rolled around. Relaxed for once. Shortly but relaxed. All the time it is stress stress stress. There isn’t much time to let your guard down. You know with the killer kids on the loose. Amazing to think they actually killed. Kids. I remember seeing kids on the news killing people, but never really paid much attention. But sitting here thinking. Envisioning them killing zombies. Crazy. Well never envisioned myself killing either. I guess it is different with zombies. Kind of like animals. Hunting. I don’t know. Maybe they have done more running like I tried to. Running works. So does sleeping. Time to nap again.

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