Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aug. 20, 2022

Little bastards were more prepared than I thought. Kind of took the decision out of my hands. Caught me looking around another house. They had guns. Couldn’t tell from that far away. They took my gun. Water. Map. Why map? They aren’t going anywhere. Lucky none of them wanted to write. Threw you right back at me journal. And my now almost completely empty bag. Asked me if I was a doctor. Ha. I would have to be a lot smarter, and older. Do I really look old enough to be a doctor? I got to visit the tree house. That is where they keep all of the important things. Looking in the window of the house it appears they have some other stuff in there. One of them is sick. I think he might be on the way to being a zomb. It is weird it is taking so long. They said he has been like that for days. Maybe it is something else. If he is just sick I hope I don’t get it. If he is a zomb I hope I don’t get that either. I’m not sure if they would have killed me, but I’m not taking any chances. To survive this long, I know they have killed at some point. Told me what I figured. I won’t find much around here. Suggested I leave. If I brought zombs with me, they would be sure to get rid of us all. Thinking about leaving. Also thinking if their friend becomes a zomb and kills them first, I could get all their stuff. But if they become zombs, then I would have to kill them, and I’m still not sure how many of them are around. I bet they know where I am now. 

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