Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nov. 29, 2020

What I didn’t want to happen, happened. I am now friends with the families. I should have left, but was just too lazy to leave without a car. Maybe a higher power kept me here. I was watching them on what was supposed to be Thanksgiving. They were celebrating, I am not sure why, and surprisingly lost track of one of the kids. I noticed the little boy got too excited playing with some toy, and was getting further and further from the group. I was in a two-story building and was going from room to room to watch him. That was when I noticed something else moving. Of course it was nothing good. I really didn’t want to get involved, but couldn’t just sit by and watch this boy get eaten. I ran door stairs, but when I got to the bottom, I really didn’t know what to do. I was weaponless. Then I realized I had the door barricaded in. No way was I getting out in time. So I smashed the window, and carefully and quickly climbed out. Didn’t need a plan at that point. Just as the zombies had picked up on the boy, they changed their direction to my noise. 3 zombs came right after me. I dodged them and ran to the boy who had now seen what was going on, but was frozen. I grabbed him and ran to a nearby car. Luck was on my side again because it was open. I pushed the boy in as he was screaming, and jumped in myself. Locked the doors. That was really a dumb move. I should have known better to get in a car that wouldn’t start. They started beating on the windows. I looked for something in the car to defend us with, but there was nothing. The boy kept screaming and was really panicking. I thought that was it. A good deed for nothing. I don’t know if I really really could have done it, but I was seriously thinking about how I could sacrifice myself for him to survive. Then I hit the horn by accident, and it worked. The zombies froze for a second, and then moved over to my side of the car as I held it down. Those were some ugly zombies. One of them was missing an eye. Some didn’t even have all their fingers. Drooling all over the window as they beat on it. Blood smearing on it too. As bad as my nightmares. I asked the boy if he was ready to run. He wasn’t listening to me. He was just screaming. I tried to scream over him, but that didn’t work. Kids have good lungs. The window started cracking and the horn was about to stop working when all of the sudden the zombs went up in flames. The fathers heard the horn, and came running with torches. It was amazing seeing the expression on the zombie’s face as it caught on fire. It looked as if it actually felt pain. I wasn’t sure if they did. I just thought they kept fighting on no matter what until you killed them. Never paid attention to their expression before. Just killed them and moved on. As the zombs flamed out, the kid jumped out of the car. I just sat inside for a few minutes kind of hoping they would just take their son and go, but they thanked me. I really didn’t want thanks either, plus they actually rescued us. It was just some instinct. Maybe the thoughts of Violet being in a similar situation. I would want someone to save her. They invited me over to their camp, but I told them I would pass. That didn’t work. They practically begged me to go with them so I did. For the last couple of days I have been with them. Learning who they are, more who they were. They seem all right, and are not with any other group from what I can tell. We have moved through the city slowly, but now is the time to decide. Do I stay with them, or continue on by myself? That may depend on me finding a car. Also, the direction they are going. They are in the same boat as I am. Just trying to survive, and looking for hope. 

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