Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dec. 9, 2020

Couple number 1 is Jake, and Emily. They have 2 of the younger kids. Peter, who was the one I saved. Sort of. And their daughter Christina. They told me their ages, but I forgot already. I am so bad with that stuff. Couple number 2 is Rob and Jess. They are Rob Jr.’s parents. Never really understood why you name a child after yourself, and make the only difference Jr. The older girl is still the odd person out. I see her talking more with Jess than anyone else, but I don’t know. Haven’t had the courage to ask. They haven’t said much about her either. I hate to say it, but she is almost as brain dead as a zombie. Just sits by herself. Doesn’t do much. Doesn’t help out. We moved into another town now. Let’s see what it has to offer us. Need more warm clothing. It has been getting really cold at night. It is a good thing that Jake is able to start fires. 

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