Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dec. 20, 2020

Peter has gotten over the events of the night I helped him out, and now continually wants to play. Like I am his new toy. He has quite the imagination. His favorite game seems to be pretending I am the zombie, and that I must die. At least he knows zombies aren’t good. I rather him learn I am the zombie and he must run away, but I guess that game isn’t as fun. Christina likes asking a lot of questions. Is it wrong lying to a kid? There are some questions I just can’t answer, and some that I don’t really want to talk about. I lied to Violet, but that was Violet. I knew what I could get away with. Rob Jr. hasn’t been as open to welcome me. Sometimes he joins in on kill the zombie, but I think he prefers playing with Peter alone. Could he be jealous that Peter has a new friend? It has been too long since I have been around kids. Plus the parents are still watching me. I never liked being around other people’s kids. I hated when I had to watch Violet and her friends. I never wanted to be responsible if something happened to one of them on my watch. Mom knew it too, but sometimes I got stuck watching them by default. While these parents keep an eye on me, I think they are happy to get at least a moment or two to relax.

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