Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oct. 22, 2019

There are about 30 people here. About 20 of them are the hunters, and the rest are gathers including me. The hunters take turns guarding the fort. They station a couple of people at the entrance while others patrol the grounds. There are always a few keeping track of the gathers. We aren’t free to just do whatever we want. If we are not working, we have to be in our homes. They don’t let us socialize too much. I think they are afraid we would form a coup. It is hard to socialize anyway. After everything all of us have gone through, it is hard to talk about sometimes. Much easier to write it down. Anyway, what is there to say? “Hey did you catch that game last night? How are the kids? Did you get that job?” Plus it is awkward when you are being watched over by guys with guns. I almost forgot. There are also 2 women here. You would forget them because the hunters keep them away from the rest of us. One is an older woman who does a lot of the cooking when there is something to cook. The other is a woman who I would say is in her late 20’s. Never been good at guessing ages. The few times I actually saw her, she looked like she went 12 rounds with the devil. I am pretty sure the hunters have abused and raped her. I think if you gave her the choice of staying here or running into a pack of zombies, I think she would choose the zombies. There will never be normal for her again. It is sad, but it shows me things could be worse.

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