Saturday, April 3, 2010

Aug. 24, 2019

I had to take a break from writing until I found some medicine. I could barely think. I even broke my rule against going out at night, but I had to move on to the next town to find medicine. Plus, there are no signs of life anywhere. Just dead bodies on poles, hung from trees, placed in front of doors, and in piles burnt to death. I know I am getting myself in trouble, but I have nowhere else to go. I took the rare opportunity to actually look at some of the dead zombies. It was not easy because they smell even worse dead than alive. Their skin looks kind of like melted cheese. I wonder why? I have avoided touching them whenever possible, but I have gotten closer than I wanted too. I don’t think I actually touched one, or at least that is what I prefer to think. They seem to bleed easily. Drool it sometimes. You could tell that some of them were probably dragged to their current resting spot. There are different trails of blood everywhere. Their eyes are also bloody. Very red. I used a stick to open some of their eyes lids. I popped one out by accident. Blood rushed out. Disgusting. I don’t have much of a stomach for that. On to other things, supplies in these towns are getting less and less. The military or whoever came through here killed everyone, and took everything they could use. Including the medicine. I got lucky and found a stash someone was hiding in their home. Probably hid it because it is some strong stuff. I had my best night of sleep in a long time last night. The nightmares couldn’t wake me this time.

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