Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nov. 3, 2019

There was a lot of work today. Some of the hunters just came back from a trip with more supplies. We had to put it all away as they watched closely. They wouldn’t want any of us to steal their loot even though we are supposed to be sharing. They apparently found a gun shop because they came back with rounds and rounds of bullets, and a bunch of new guns. They put that stuff away. Gathers don’t touch guns is the rule. We had to wipe down the trucks. Clean the dirt and blood off. It looked like they ran over some zombies. A good thing about the trips is that the hunters generally come back happy. I think as long as they got to kill some zombies, they were good. To celebrate, we had a bigger than usual dinner that was prepared by the older woman. I took the opportunity to try to make friends with one of the hunters. All of them are giant asses, but I think I found the one guy that has a little decency left in him somewhere. I wasn’t too pushy. I think I picked a good question to start the conversation. I asked how many zombies he had killed so far. That got him talking. We shared some zombie killing stories. I made up a few stories to show him that I hated the zombies as much as they did. I do hate them. I am just not into the whole hunting them thing. 

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