Friday, November 4, 2011

June 14, 2022

Kept a close eye on the neighborhood. Been quiet since I got here so I took a look around. First house’s doors were still locked, but nothing like breaking a window. Sad. Locked cause people died in there. Bodies on floor. In seats. Dead a while I think. Don’t think they were the original owners. Not much left here either, but did score 2 guns with a few bullets. Next house was open. Empty. Completely. Moved onto next house. More bodies. This time dead zombies too! A fight took place here with no winners I guess. If they survived, they are long gone. Didn’t get into that house too much. I’m having a hard time moving around as it is, don’t want to fall on a zombie. Just stood in the street looking around for a while. Kind of imagining life here before zombies. Not sure what is near here, but looks like a nice place to stay if you like your neighbors. Kids could play in the street. Walk the dog. Homes not bad. Newer community. Shame all gone to waste. 

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