Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oct. 16, 2021

Funny. I couldn’t remember if I wrote anything while sick so I was just checking it out. I screwed up the dates. If I’m gone and you are reading this you must be like “how in the hell did he just go back a month?” Sorry, as you know, I wasn’t feeling well. It doesn’t matter since most of the dates in here are just guesses. I lost track a long time ago. No watch. No calender. No normal routine. Too much going on. Hard to keep track. The temperature kind of helps. If it is cold, must be winter, hot maybe summer. It has been harder traveling through Oklahoma, and now Arkansas. I’m not familiar with how the temp is so I might be off by even more now. It took a while to get used to not knowing the time, and dates. Everything in life is so scheduled. For me, all I knew was school. It was wake up. Classes. Study. Meal times. Sleep. Over and over. Time here and there for friends. Classes in the fall, winter, and spring. Then summer break. Holidays come and go. Be here at this time, be there at that time. Now it is be wherever whenever I want. Going and coming doesn’t matter. Holidays don’t matter. The only clock that is ticking is the one on my life. Who will survive longer the zombies, or me?

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