Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aug. 9, 2020

So that wasn’t a good idea. Apparently all the noise the tractor made attracted the few zombies that there were around here. They came running right at it. I was able to run one of them over. I used my new stick to fend off the others from climbing up on it. One almost bit my leg. It was so close. Another got its leg run over. It fell to the floor and made a terrible sound. I think it then was going to crawl after me. Motivation! I finally got the tractor to kick into a higher gear, and was able to stay ahead of them. Again motivation! I don’t know how long they kept chasing me. Every time I looked back, they were there. Finally I looked back and they were gone. I just kept going until this thing finally quit on me. Now I’m worried because I’m on foot again, and I know there are zombies out there. Maybe I should have turned around and killed them. That just hasn’t been my strategy though. I am closer to the town now. I think. I hope. Maybe that is where they came from. Not good. 

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