Saturday, October 23, 2010

Aug. 18, 2020

Nightmares a plenty. I can’t escape them. It’s like when I bumped my head, it jarred lose the madness in my mind. Sometimes I can remember what the dreams were about, and sometimes I just wake up with a bad feeling. In one dream I was watching dogs, lots of dogs. Then those dogs became zombies. The zombies then became dogs. Back and forth. Then they were attacking all these people. Ripping them to pieces. One second it was a dog chewing on someone’s leg, then it was a zombie. Then I dreamt I was back in that pet store looking for a new dog. Thing was all the dogs had human faces that turned zombie. I even complained to the manager. That was when I realized the manager was my mom. My confusion must have woke me up. That is the first time I have dreamt of her in a long time. Makes me remember the good old days. Just anything with the family, even in those moments that weren’t our finest. I would take them. To be 

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