Friday, March 30, 2012

Sept. 24, 2022

I got a lesson on what quick means. In more ways than one. We were attacked. Kids. Kid zombies. Fast kid zombies. So much for me protecting the boys. They did more protecting of me. Quick is quick. Quick with the gun. Took several down in a hurry with no wasted shots. James had his back as he shot. They have done this before. I killed a few too. I think. They were gone before we knew. James hurried us off into another home. In the basement. Said there would be more not far behind those. I knew there was more than I originally thought. They have supplies here. Food. Water. Few weapons. James said there were certain houses they kept stuff because they had good hiding places. Hiding the stuff from people like me that come through here. Said we were close. Now we just have to wait until zombies move away. 

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