Friday, June 24, 2011

Feb. 4, 2022

I can’t write when she is around. Too much complaining. I guess she wants my help, but when I try to help, she says she doesn’t need it. Not sure what to do. Like now, she said she was going to go get some food. I asked to come along, but she said no. To stay put. Ok. But if she were to walk in right now, she would yell at me for writing. Oh well. Wonder where she keeps going. She leaves, and comes back with weapons. Leaves and comes back with food. She probably doesn’t trust me yet. I can understand that. Maybe if she would just give me some clue to what is going on. I am really interested in knowing how she has survived to this point. Obviously she has some kind of routine. I am just a spectator at this point. 

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